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Philistinic Americans murdered black blowup Santa

Some white people carry real hate for us. You can’t fault anyone for loving their color and their tribe. And really, you can’t fault people if they don’t like you. But if someone hates you, you’d want them to hate you for the “right” reason/s. Ignorance is a deplorable reason to hate. I can’t say that the people who slashed a black inflatable Santa are ignorant, but the odds are that they’re in the category. The despicable act occurred in America, USA. I read it on Yahoo.

Megan Johnson, in a December 15 Yahoo post titled, “Vandals destroy family’s inflatable black Santa Claus: Trump is really changing this country!”, wrote: “An Oregon family was shocked to discover that an inflatable black Santa Claus on their front lawn had been slashed by vandals just 24 hours after they put it on display.

“Fritz and Belinda Richard, who are African-American, have lived in Bethany, Ore., for 21 years. This year, they decided to add an inflatable black Santa Claus to their holiday decorations. On Wednesday, Fritz Richard installed the 8-foot-tall inflatable in their front yard, only to see it slashed multiple times 24 hours later.”

American Megyn Kelly said Santa is WHITE

I got this one from Yahoo also. Megyn Kelly, a quite famous television personality, said: “Santa just is white … Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change, you know?” Megyn was responding to “an article in Slate by Aisha Harris, ‘Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore’”.

American Aisha Harris decides on a black Santa

I’m not absolutely sure wherefrom I got this story. I believe it’s a Yahoo story from a gentleman named Mark Stamaty. Anyway, here goes:

“(Aisha) Harris, half-serious, half-tongue-in-cheek, said that Santa should be a penguin – Penguin Claus! Growing up, Santa was black at home, as in many black homes, but in the broader American culture he was white. A white Santa pushes the White Default, as does white James Bond and white Spiderman, but more powerfully since Santa is so important to small children.

“Harris argues we can make Santa whatever we want. He no longer has anything to do with St. Nicholas, who lived on the Mediterranean coast of what is now Turkey, not at the North Pole!”

The Kwanzaa story

This is taken from Wikipedia: “American Black Power activist and secular humanist Maulana Karenga, also known as Ronald McKinley Everett, created Kwanzaa in 1966, as a specifically African-American holiday… During the early years of Kwanzaa, Karenga said it was meant to be an alternative to Christmas. He believed Jesus was psychotic and Christianity was a “White” religion that Black people should shun.

“As Kwanzaa gained mainstream adherents, Karenga altered his position so practicing Christians would not be alienated, then stating in the 1997, Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Family, Community, and Culture, ‘Kwanzaa was not created to give people an alternative to their own religion or religious holiday’.” On the Wikipedia page on the topic of Kwanzaa, it is stated that many African Americans who celebrate Kwanzaa do so in addition to observing Christmas.

Garvey celebrated, but Elijah didn’t

Geoffreyphilp.blogspot.com reprinted this speech from Marcus Garvey, “Christmas Message to the Negro Peoples of the World, December 1921” which shows that the great Garvey was into Krismos:

He is quoted as saying in that speech, “Fellow men of the Negro Race, Greeting:—To us is born this day the Child Jesus—the Christ. The Shepherds and wise men are now wending their way toward Bethlehem, there to behold the Wonder of God. Because, there, in a manger, is to be found the Baby Christ who is to be the Redeemer of the world.”

But Elijah Muhammad wasn’t too nice about the Christians and our big day. In a 1974 story, “Whose Christmas?” which can be found at www.finalcall.com, Elijah Muhammad wrote:

“Now comes the Christians’ big holiday which they call Christmas. With all the fantastic foolishness of jungle savages, they pretend to love worshipping the prophet on the 25th day of December. They stagger drunkenly all over the streets, campuses, and most of the homes and churches, with card games, dice and other games of chance and all kinds of whisky and beer—to celebrate that great prophet; with fighting and killing and eating swine flesh. Such is the day which they call the birthday of Jesus.

“They have nothing of good in their behavior. It is like Isaiah said, ‘This people worship me with their mouth but their hearts are far from me.’ This is true…

“Another false practice on the 25th day of December: the children between the ages of 3 and 12 think a Santa Claus is visiting them, making them believe they are getting presents from some foreign or strange person other than themselves (the parents).

“Some of the parents go so far as to scratch the chimney and tell the children ‘Santa came down here last night.’ This is outright false and telling other than the truth….

“According to the Christian saying and representation, the Son of God is worshipped. His birth is mocked and disgraced with drunkeness, murdering, gambling, and every type of evil committed on such a day by the Christians while the Muslims walk through their midst, soberly, peacefully fasting through the month and not thinking or drinking alcoholic beverages—not eating the flesh of anything—eating once a day, and that only at night.”

I wonder what Jerry Enriquez’s dad had to say about white Santa

Jerry’s dad might have ignored Santa, but I don’t think so. In a story he told us some time ago, Jerry Enriquez said that his dad didn’t want his sons to go to matinee, because they were “all about Cowboys killing Indians.” I don’t think a man like that would have wanted his children to be singing about Santa coming down any chimney.

White Santa/ Black Santa

Somebody has to tell Ms. Kelly that black people have every right to paint Santa black. They, the ultra-white, took Jesus and put flowing blonde hair (Nordic) on his head, steel blue eyes (Nordic), and put him in a Mel-Gibson-white skin. What, it’s only Europeans who have the right to steal history?

The Europeans are pretty good at that. They stole people and land in Africa and in the Americas, and they stole books on medicine and metallurgy and philosophy from Egypt and Timbuktu and the Americas. They should give black people a little space if they feel like painting Santa black.

Really, it must be hard on a little kid in a country where there are so many white folk. Imagine the loneliness of a kid in that country around Christmas time, surrounded by naturally white snowman, stolen white Jesus, and white Santa.

The fact is that people of every color celebrate the black in Krismos. Most of those Krismos songs are age-old, but many of the best renditions are by black singers and musicians. And Krismos ain’t Krismos without the music. Ms. Kelly and her crowd are too daam greedy. In the spirit of Krismos they should be giving out colored dye to flavor up some of the pale Santas.

Santa in Belize

I’m pretty certain that pre-UBAD, the white Santa had an exclusive run in Belize. It probably was never such a big thing because Belize’s white population is so few. And we knew that Santa, with apples and the pecans for the cake, and the music with chestnuts roasting, was a European import.

At school, some primary schools, a fat paylkaypm Belizean donned a red and white suit and a white beard and played Santa Claus. I think for the authenticity a whitish skin was preferred. But the appearance was brief, too brief to bother the psyche of children who, at any rate, were there for the treats.

In 2018 Belize “fat” is the essential ingredient to play Santa. Thank God we are not so politically correct in Belize that we’d worry that the gordos have the exclusive on Santa roles. In fact, no one envies them. They have the run of the place in December. But they are the ones who have to plan on the more excruciating diets next year. Bah, the diet to burn the fat is one of the best laid plans. Buena suerte to them.

Por favor, allow me to stick this in. Santa will always have his space, but drunken males had more run in the Belizean Krismos past than they did. I think so. I have heard, okay, I’ve noticed that some Belizean female folk like a little drink. May they always remember that they should do their drinking where there’s an especially healthy female population. Okay! Yes, drunk and slobberly (not so disorderly – I’ve never heard about a drunk clobbering Santa) dominated our Krismos landscape.

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