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Police Department restructures and reorganizes

The Belize Police Department has now been restructured and reorganized to deliver more efficient services to the people. The city has been divided into four zones, called precincts, and the country has been divided into 4 zones, which are the Northern Zone, comprised of Corozal and Orange Walk Districts; the Eastern Zone, comprised of Belize District; the Western Zone, comprised of the entire Cayo District; and the Southern Zone, comprised of Stann Creek and Toledo Districts.

Each zone is led by a Divisional Commander, followed by formation commanders. The Divisional Commander of the Northern Zone is Superintendent Joseph Myvette, and the Division Headquarters is at the Orange Walk Police Station.

The Formation Commanders are Assistant Superintendent Andrew Ramirez of the Corozal Formation, and Supt. Myvette is the Formation Commander of Orange Walk District in the interim.

The Head of Belize District Police is Assistant Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura, under whom there are four Precinct Commanders, and a Rural Executive Officer, who is ASP Chris Noble.

The Division office is at the Racoon Street Police Headquarters. The Divisional Commander of the Western Zone or the Cayo District Police is Supt. Aaron Guzman, and the Division Headquarters is at the Belmopan Police Headquarters.

He is assisted by three formation commanders, including ASP Ralph Moody and ASP Dinsdale Thompson.

The Southern Division is commanded by Sr. Superintendent Robert Mariano, assisted by four formation Commanders, including ASP Simeon and Alton Alvarez, and Inspector Mark Stevens.

Formation and Division Commanders will be recognized for keeping down or eradicating crime in their areas of responsibility. For the month of February, the Southern Division received the award for the lowest crimes in the area.

The Division Commander, Sr. Supt. Mariano, said that he was happy to be recognized for his efforts and looks forward to receive more awards in the months to come.

The four divisions of the city are Precincts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The announcement was made about 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 19, during a press brief called by the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, to announce the rolling out of the Precinct Police Concept, which the police are now adopting as their new method of operating.

In making the announcement, Compol Whylie said that the new strategy will effectively provide more efficient police service to people. It will enable quick response to reports, lower crime rate by infusing police into neighborhoods, and will also increase police visibility through foot, bicycle and mobile patrols. The Precinct will bring about effective crime preventions, and to form crime prevention programs in collaboration with the residents of the precincts.

The headquarters of Precinct 1 is located at the lower flat of the old Minster of Works Building at the corner of Kut and Euphrates Avenue. Precinct 1 is commanded by Superintendent Alden Dawson, and he is assisted by Assistant Superintendent Suzette Anderson.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura, the Commanding Officer of the Belize District, said that Precinct 1 comprises the area from Birds Isle to the Belcan Bridge, keeping right of the Central American Boulevard, to the Port Authority at Caesar Ridge keeping, and turning north along the sea to Birds Isle.

These areas include Albert Street, King Street, and the downtown shopping area. Also included is the Dean Street Police Substation. The Precinct Number is 207- 0401.

Precinct 2, said ACP Segura, is comprised of the area left of the of CA Boulevard at the BelCan Bridge facing east all the way to, and including Port Loyola, Jane usher area and Lake Independence Division up to Burdon Bridge canal, including all the area left of the river, and along the sea from the Deep Water Port to the Burdon Bridge.

Included in this area are the Fabers Road and Mahogany Street Police Substations. The headquarters of Precinct 2 is at the lower flat of the Racoon Street Police Station. The Precinct Commander is Superintendent Alford Grinage.

Precinct 3 starts from middle of the Belcan Bridge, keeping left of the river to the Baron Bliss Grave, going west from the Belcan Bridge on a straight line to the sea, along Princess Margaret Drive and north towards Marine Parade.

The Precinct Headquarters is the Queen Street Police Station, and it is commanded by Superintendent Gualberto Garcia.

Precinct 4 comprises the area from Flag Monument at the Belcan Bridge to Haulover Bridge, keeping right along the river from Belcan Bridge to the sea, keeping left of Princess Margret Drive and keeping right along the sea to Haulover Creek. The area includes Belama and Buttonwood Bay, including Landivar and part of Caribbean Shores.

The Precinct Headquarters is Belama Police Station, and it is commanded by Assistant Superintendent of Police David Chi. The number for the precinct is 207-2222 ext-421.

Segura said that each precinct will have the ability to deal with all reports, instead of having to divert complainants to the Queen Street Police Station. It will be self-sufficient, and will contain officers to conduct patrols, vehicles to carry out mobile patrols, community policing, crimes investigators, and Special Branch officers will be contained in every precinct.

Segura said that the precinct strategy will energize all police units, to improve intelligence mechanism in Belize City. It will enable Special Branch and Crime Intelligence Unit to target specific objectives in the area of responsibility. Also it will increase the presence of Beat Patrol Officers in volatile areas, and will allow police to conduct surgical strikes in high crime/volatile areas.

ComPol Whylie said that 100 recruits have been posted to Eastern Division. It’s unprecedented; it has never happened before, and it was done to meet the deficiency being faced in the precinct.

Among the many strengthening and reinforcements of the department, the Internal Affairs has been improved. Assistant Commissioner of Police Noel Leal has been appointed head of this unit.

The Commissioner called on the residents to collaborate with the police to form Citizens on Patrol groups, volunteer Special Constables, and neighborhood watches.

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