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Political affiliations!

FeaturesPolitical affiliations!

Sun. Mar. 5, 2023

A little over a year ago, I wrote about how I decided to become an NIP follower in my teenage years, because the Hon. Lindy Rogers drove me and my bicycle off the street and into the ‘kinel’. That is only half the story; I think that the Prime Minister’s dad, Joe Briceño, was the real cause for my choice. As a little boy growing up in San Estevan, my mother was the pitcher for a very formidable softball team, Amapola! This team easily dispatched all the other teams in the Orange Walk District, except for one, Ideal. Ideal was owned and coached by Mr. Joe Briceño, businessman at the time, and his team beat us every time; we couldn’t beat them, not once, and he knew it. So, when he became a politician, I had to be on the other side. The seeds were being sown, at that very young age. I didn’t dislike him; I was just tired of him always winning, considering my mom was on the losing team.

Fast-forward to 1979. I went back home from the States to campaign for the UDP. Dean Lindo was still the leader of the opposition, if I remember correctly, and he sent me to help campaign for Lot Aragon in Orange Walk. I stayed at Gaspar Vega’s apartment, in front of the football field. Gapi was selling insurance at the time. Mr. Vega, the late Ruben Campos and I vigorously campaigned for Lot, and we were positive he would win! Yeah, sure, against Joe Briceño? I still remember that night in November of 1979. The counting went on late into the night. I was in the counting room with the Hon. Joe and others; I was representing the UDP. Eventually the counting was over, and I think Mr. Joe won by 20 something votes; close, but no cigar. It was ironic that it was San Estevan that put him over the top. He came over to me; he knew me because my father was his very good friend. He said, “maybe next time”. The way he said it made me feel like there was respect there, and I congratulated him sincerely, and he made me realize that it wasn’t personal, it was politics! The softball defeats were personal, though; you’d better Belize that!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that picking political affiliations can be very personal, sometimes just because, and sometimes out of loyalty to your parents, or family tradition. Changing those affiliations have to be one of the hardest decisions a citizen can make. But sometimes it’s better to be practical rather than faithful to an organization that does not serve your interests, or your community, or improve the lives of the citizens of the country. Sometimes your party makes that decision for you. They made me an independent, and if I were in Belize during the last general elections, I would’ve voted for Ideal. At a very young age it was softball and the kinel, that chose my party affiliation for me! As a grown-ass man, it’s common sense that takes over. I was genuinely surprised by the massacre that took place in the last general elections, so it isn’t just me. PUDP all the way!


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