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Protect your digital footprint

Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter to highlight most young people’s lack of awareness of the impact of a positive digital footprint. During this era, we see youths and even adults posting pictures or videos on their social media account that might not always be positive. This type of information on a person’s profile on social media can determine if someone is hired or not. Therefore, it is of high importance that young people double-check what they are about to upload online for the world to see.

I recommended that schools take the initiative to integrate into their curriculum understanding of the importance of a positive digital footprint. “Digital footprint” is a word used to describe the trail and traces that people leave behind online, on social media, websites or chats. It builds an online reputation, or impression, depending on the things you do online. These are some reasons why it is important that building proper digital footprints be taught in school as a mandatory subject. This could be the reason why someone who posts drinking pictures and angry posts may not get the job compared to someone who posts positive posts with decent pictures.

With this being said, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my humble letter. I hope that this letter will enlighten you regarding the importance of youths being able to gain understanding and form positive digital footprints so that they can get jobs. Thank you again, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Xena Rivero

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