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Considering the PUP fat cats…

Editor Amandala

Hon. George Price made the PUP a party of the people and for the people. A party of inclusion; nobody to be left out. He always consulted with the people on important matters of change and the way forward.

The people of Corozal have always looked upon The Belize Times as an institution symbolizing the PUP. Closing down The Belize Times made a negative impact on the PUP in the Corozal District. Lots of people see the closing of The Belize Times as a breaking up of the PUP. The leaders should have consulted with the people on this issue or at least forewarn them about the problems facing The Belize Times.

Positive Vibes Radio was allegedly being subsidized for double the amount at The Belize Times. It would have been more prudent to close down Positive Vibes a long time ago.

These PUP leaders are dictating to the people what they can or can’t do. All of the late Hon. Price’s founding philosophies have been thrown out the window. Is this the best way forward for the party? Is this in the best interest of the masses?

People in the Corozal District are disillusioned, angry or just plain fed up with the ongoing circus at the top.

PUP financiers did not come through for the party. The Hon. John Briceno had to resign because of lack of financial support. Mark Espat was slated, but he too did not get financial support. The rest is history: we went to an election with scarce funding. To make matters worse, it is now alleged that these fundings were not evenly distributed.

Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde resigned from their posts. I would assume it was because of lack of funding mostly, among other things. They were called traitors, Judases, etc.

The real traitors and Judases were the PUP financiers who made all their money when the PUP was in power. Where were they on Election Day? If we had managed to scrape a win they would have been the first ones to be strutting around taking up all the fat cat positions. SHAME ON THEM!

Now these same people are criticizing Mark for leading the Negotiating Team for the UDP. At least he is trying to do something positive for the country. What are these shameless people doing? Riding around in their A/C luxury vehicles thumbing their noses at the poor, hungry masses, while wallowing in the money they made off the PUP. SO SAD!

St. Matthew, Chapter 19, verse 24, tells us: “Again I tell you. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the Kingdom of God.”

Sincerely yours,
Eulogio Itzab
Concepcion Village
Corozal District

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