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Ranchito resident killed in nightclub

GeneralRanchito resident killed in nightclub

Photo: Jamour Gabourel, deceased

by Kristen Ku

RANCHITO VILLAGE, Corozal District, Mon. May 27, 2024

A night out turned deadly at the Mi Compa Bar and Grill in Ranchito Village, Corozal District, where a shooting incident claimed the life of one man and left another injured. The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning, May 27, around 1:28 a.m., during what was supposed to be a night of celebration.

The victims, both twenty-four years old, have been identified as Jamour Gabourel and Ethon Galvez.

According to reports, Gabourel and Galvez were socializing inside the nightclub when an argument broke out between Galvez and another male. The argument quickly escalated, leading to gun shots being fired, one fatally wounding Gabourel, who was nearby, and another injuring Galvez. The gunman then exited the building and fired another round before fleeing.

Police were quick to arrive at the scene. “Police responded to a shooting incident at Mi Compa Bar and Grill, Ranchito Village, Corozal District. Upon their arrival, they found the lifeless body of Jamour Gabourel with a gunshot injury. Also seen was Ethon Galvez with a gunshot injury,” reported Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Hilberto Romero.

The deceased, Gabourel, reportedly lived with or was married to the daughter of the mayor of Corozal Town, Rigo Vellos. Police are currently seeking one suspect in connection with the shooting.

ACP Romero stated, “We are not sure if they [the murderer and the men he shot] knew each other. All we know is that they had an argument, and one of them pulled out a firearm.”

Notably, witnesses at the scene reported concerns about the lack of security at the nightclub, as this was not the first time that an incident of this kind had occurred there.

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