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To – David


Young sailors stand on the shoulder of a Master and Commander: Charles Bartlett Hyde

Photo: (right) Charles Bartlett Hyde Contributed: Harbour Regatta...

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A tribute to C.B. Hyde Saturday, April 6,...

Robert Hagedorn responds to “Jimmy Carter on homosexuality”

LettersRobert Hagedorn responds to “Jimmy Carter on homosexuality”

“It’s artificial, a man-made thing that began in the Garden of Eden when two parties decided to cover up, because they were better than the other animals.  Yap, sexual behavior, it is at the core of civilization.  In the civilized world, the highest sexual behavior is a committed man and woman who’re about perpetuating mankind.”


They disobeyed the Genesis 1:28 commandment — the first commandment — to “be fruitful and multiply [in the Garden],” when they became one flesh incorrectly (Genesis 2:24), by eating from the wrong tree in the Garden’s center (Genesis 2:9). So Adam and Eve did exactly the same thing Adam and Steve could/would do in the Garden of Eden if Steve were there instead of Eve.

Robert Hagedorn
1337 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California  94709

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To – David

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