Letters — 14 November 2018
Romel Cuello checks the Social Security Board

Dear Editor,

The Belize Social Security Board wants some more of our hard-earned dollars. They are claiming deficits in money collected to money spent.

A couple years ago they had so much money that the politicians were drooling over it. Last we heard they had $400 million in the bank. At minimum 2% interest per annum you are supposed to be getting at least $8 million per year. What about other investments they have made? Can the contributors get proper accounting for all the surplus years before they are asked to come up with more?

On another note, how about investing in some clinics for the contributors. It is a shame when a person who has been paying for so many years gets hurt and has to go catch a line at the public hospital.

The country is badly in need of more health care and this would ease the public hospital’s burden. The workers of Belize would surely appreciate this. Just saying.

Romel Cuello

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