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Russia removes its U.S. Embassy amid nuclear talks—Part 1

FeaturesRussia removes its U.S. Embassy amid nuclear talks—Part 1

It seems as if the Monroe Doctrine was doing good for a while for the US through its recolonizing here and there, but as all great empires, there is a time of rise and fall, based on what is taking place in the geological, socio-political and economic system throughout the world, we can expect the fall of an era and the birth of a new time. Anyhow, our dear readers of this column, permit me to present to you, once more, the analysis or the way of thinking of the American, Chris Sanders, who communicates his ideas to his country, people and the world through his channel, American News Network. The following was posted on YouTube under the heading “Russia removes its United States Embassy amid Nuclear Talks and Saudi King MBS sides with Putin,” dated June 9, 2022. It is as follows:

Artillery in the sea—probably  trying to explode any munitions there so that they can keep everything going. And it looks like Putin’s preparing to go to war. And I say this because of the chess pieces that he’s laying down. And by that what I mean is we see his marines. How they’re getting ready to attack or go in from the south now and squeeze out Odessa. This is going to give him complete control from the ocean. And everybody’s been getting on to him about grain export out of Odessa and of Ukraine. So, he’s as such taking complete control of the ocean as we speak, and the things that make me think that this is him closing in is we’ve had him do talks with pulling his embassies out of the United States, and that’s pretty huge. So, also he took off this relatively large aircraft that hasn’t been used in active combat since the Soviet Union was around, and as he’s taken that off, we’ve seen that he’s actually, he bombed Kiev. So, these are missiles [images shown] flying over Kiev, and it wasn’t good.

A lot of us in the west did not hear nothing like that at all, and so he’s hit Kiev at this point and a lot of the ammunition that the Americans have sent over there and he wanted to expand his threat and he wanted us to know that every country that is helping Ukraine is on his target list. This means the United States, since we’re supplying weaponry to Ukraine. This means he’s directly threatening us. And this was about three or four days ago. And then we had Biden go over to the Middle East. Guess what happened? MBS, the King, Prince of Saudi Arabia, said ‘don’t talk to me’…. And because of the whole LGBTQ thing, the entire Muslim Empire, just like I said, has joined forces with Putin. So, just like I thought, they’re not making negotiations with the Quran or the Bible, and Putin is a hardcore Christian, folks. Lot of people don’t know that, and he’s like, if you want to have abortions and have all that LGBTQ stuff beyond America’s side and beyond NATO’s side. Now, I’m going to tell you something. Do you think this is NATO against Russia? Cuz if so, you don’t know what’s going on at all. So, listen up. This is NATO against BRICS, and what is BRICS? That is B for Brazil, R for Russia, I for India, C fo China, and the S used to be South Africa, but it’s all of South Africa, it’s all of Africa at this point. And it’s all the Middle East. So it’s 85% of the world versus 15% of the world. And they’re ready to smash us.

India. So, what did they do just recently? As they’re preparing to talk about smashing us, India launches its first nuclear war weapon in a while. One of their ICBMs. And it was successful. So, here it is going off behind us here. And they successfully launched this. So, what’s hovering over there is India and Pakistan are going to be in an alliance against us. Now, Imran Khan was fed up with the United States just as much as most Americans are, umm, doesn’t believe in the Biden administration either. So he defected from that side, and they’re trying to put a puppet in there basically for Pakistan. So Pakistan is a wobbler. But they’re also going through bankruptcy. So they don’t know what they’re going to do, and they’re really just bankrupt looking for a way out. Even though they’re looking at the Cashmere in other places. They were stronger under Imran Khan, but with the way they are now … it’s what puppet they’re going to put in place. This is going on as India is up to their nuclear testing stuff. So we have India, China. Now what is the Ukraine to us? l’mma tell you. The Ukraine to us is what North Korea is to China. It’s what Syria has been to Russia. Near all the little proxy war places that are fighting each other through. It’s the big giants not fighting each other directly but indirectly. But what Putin did here was he grabbed a hold of the food supply and the oil supply. And by him alliancing himself with the king of Saudi Arabia, MBS. Uh Solomon and Putin see eye to eye, because they’re not pansies. And so we have a couple of gangsters that have teamed up, and this, you know, it doesn’t look good for us.

Now who have we been asking money for and from—China? And China, we just gave $60 billion dollars to Ukraine. Then Joe Biden goes over there and says ‘Xi Jinping, will you please give me more money?’ And he goes, ‘get out of here’. And don’t talk tough to me about Taiwan. And what happens? Oh Jesus! Xi Jinping, because he’s been giving everybody so much money. Look, he just went ahead and threatened Trudeau, over in Canada over airspace. So China’s really threatening Canada right now because they think they own you. And they know that you don’t have a military. So they’re threatening their muscles with you.

(To Be Continued)

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June 12, 2022

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