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Home Headline San Jose woman found in cane field, murdered

San Jose woman found in cane field, murdered

 4-year-old son stabbed in the abdomen, but survives

SAN JOSE, Orange Walk District, Thurs. July 11, 2019– Yanira Novelo de la Rosa, 26, a domestic of San Jose who was reported missing after her 4-year-old son, Alexander, was found wandering alone on the San Lorenzo Road in the Orange Walk District at about 5:00 Monday evening, was found dead in an abandoned cane field on the San Lorenzo Road on Tuesday morning.

She had been stabbed five times in her chest and abdomen.

Alexander was found by a farmer who was driving on the road. The little boy had a stab wound to the right side of his abdomen, just below the rib cage, and the farmer took him to the Northern Regional Hospital for medical attention.

The family of the little boy was located and the family then went to police and reported that the child’s mother, Yanira Novelo de la Rosa, was missing. Police and family members then began the search to find her that same Monday evening, into the night, but they were unsuccessful.

On Tuesday morning, they resumed the search for the young mother and made the painful discovery. There were multiple stab wounds to her chest area. A post-mortem exam conducted on Yanira’s body yesterday certified that her death was caused by strangulation.

During the regular police press brief held this morning at the Raccoon Street Police Station, ACP Joseph Myvett said that they are following several leads and are looking for three men. They are also looking for a vehicle they believe was used to take the young mother to the area.

In an extended media interview on Tuesday, Yanira’s father said that she was at home with the family in San Jose Palmar, where she lived with her two children, one four years old and the other two years old, when she decided to go to Orange Walk Town to Western Union to collect some money that had been sent to her by her husband, who lives and works in the United States of America.

Yanira was planning to throw a birthday party for Alexander to celebrate his 4th birthday.

Yanira and her son left home and travelled to Orange Walk Town and went to Western Union. ACP Joseph Myvett told us that there were police in the area of the Western Union and they saw her when she came out of the office and they didn’t see anyone following her.

According to police, Yanira did not receive the money from the Western Union. Police say that they have records that she and her son visited other establishments that day, but they don’t know the purpose of those visits.

Yanira’s family said that they became concerned when it began to get late and she had not returned home. Then they got the call that Alexander was found walking on the San Lorenzo Road, alone, and they alerted police.

Yanira’s family said they are baffled because she was a girl who was private and only interacted with family members. Her father believes that she may have gotten into a vehicle with someone whom she knew and trusted.

Her family said that she would usually go with a family member to Orange Walk Town to collect the money from Western Union because her husband sent her money frequently; he has been doing so for the past 3 years since he went to the US.

Her family says that she did not have any enemies, and they are at a loss for reasons why she was killed so brutally.

When they found her body, they noticed that her phone, money and jewelry were missing. The family and police believe that she was robbed before she was killed.

Police have not yet made any arrests for the murder of Yanira Novelo de la Rosa and the stabbing of her son. Her family is demanding justice for the young mother of two children, who they say did not deserve her brutal death.

Relatives and friends of Yanira Novelo de la Rosa, as well as her fellow villagers in San Jose, staged a vigil for the young mother yesterday, and they planned a demonstration for today to denounce the murder and the harm that was done to the little boy.

Ms. Judith Alpuche, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Human Services, made a statement strongly condemning the murder of Yanira Novelo and the stabbing  of the child. She said that they stand ready to help the family in whatever way they need, including counseling for the little boy.

Yanira Novelo de la Rosa was buried today in her home village, San Jose Palmar, Orange Walk District. Her son, Alexander, is said to be recovering.

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