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Home Sports San Pedro attack Juventus - New Site Erei invade Calcutta!

San Pedro attack Juventus – New Site Erei invade Calcutta!

The San Pedro Seahawks, in comparison to Juventus, are overflowing with talent and big names who without a doubt could qualify as national team players. With all the rumors floating around throughout the league that the Seahawks are the highest paid and well cared for, they have not lived up to the expectations of the fans as the pre-season favorites to take the championship this season. The Seahawks have surrendered a total of 6 goals, which is an average of two per game.

If they continue with the average of two per game and Juventus, who have only given up three, surrender one, then it?s a win for Juventus. This is a big game for either club to avoid slipping down at this stage of the season. With a 14-team league, it could be a long crawl from the bottom of the cellar.

In what could be labeled as the Game of the Week, the red hot Calcutta Bulls and Griga?s New Site Erei face off in Calcutta. Last season the Bulls did not lose a game at home; they won some and tied most. This season has started out in a positive way for the Bulls, with the core of the team remaining intact. They have added another ?spark plug? in Merlin Tek to support Rene Rodriguez, Derwin Innis, Rubiel ?El Matador? Mendez and others. The Bulls are the current Group ?B? leaders and, based on reports coming in from up North, they are just about the hottest ticket for a Sunday afternoon with the ?Mad Bull Fever? raging.

New Site Erei have won one and lost the other without star forward and part time leader, Norman ?Tilliman? Nunez. Nunez will be sitting out the last of a three-game suspension but will reportedly make the trip up north with his team. Erei has a good team but their weakness comes in the indecisiveness of a coach who knows more about playing the game than coaching.

The time to experiment with different personnel on the field has come and gone. That should have been done in the pre-season exhibition games. Defensively they are quick and athletic, but don?t respond well to being down in goals. In the exhibition games, with Nunez on the field, they displayed good pattern and patience. Erei shouldn?t tamper with what is evidently working. If they should try to tweak the engine again this Sunday as they did last week and can?t decide who to start, then Calcutta will remain the leaders of Group ?B?.

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