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Security guard and friend shot by thieves who robbed gas station

BURRELL BOOM ROAD, Belize District, Mon. Nov. 12, 2018– Andre Gomez, 42, a security guard of Burrell Boom, and his friend, Dennis Barkley, 18, were in the CDS Gas Station compound located on the Burrell Boom Road, where Gomez was performing security guard duties for Saturday night, November 10.

At about 1:00 Sunday morning, three armed men entered the compound and held the two men up at gunpoint. Two of the culprits went into the office, which they ransacked as they searched for money. They then stole some coins and small items, but in total, less than $200 was stolen.

During the regular Monday police press brief held at the Raccoon Street Police Station, ASP Alejandro Cowo told us that the bandits ordered Gomez and his friend into Gomez’s car and took them to an area located past the Burrell Boom Bridge, where one of the bandits shot them multiple times in the car.

The robbers then got into a getaway vehicle and drove away, leaving the two wounded men in the car.

Police were alerted and they went to the area.

ASP Cowo said that on their arrival at the scene on the Burrell Boom Road at about 3:00 Monday morning, they found a blue car parked on the side of the road and about 10 feet from the car, they saw a man coming out of the bushes and he was suffering from gunshot wounds to his left foot and right leg.

He was put in the police vehicle, and at about 100 feet from the car they found a second man lying on the side of the road, and he had been shot in his leg, abdomen and left hand. He was also put in the police vehicle and the two men were rushed to the hospital.

Gomez was treated and was released today, while Barkley remains hospitalized in a serious but stable condition.
Police’s investigation has been impeded because the thieves also stole the security camera and equipment mounted in the gas station compound.

ASP Cowo said that they believe that the culprits are part of a small group of bandits operating in the Ladyville area, who are burglarizing and terrorizing residents of the area, and they are determined to find the bandits.

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