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Sex for headache!

Samuel “Cu-Cu” Jones, 67, of Santa Elena, Cayo District, has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison on a charge of rape until Wednesday, August 8, when he will reappear in court.

In the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court on Monday, May 7, Magistrate Adolf Lucas, Jr., read the single charge to him, and he pleaded not guilty, but the prosecutor, George Gomez, opposed bail and the magistrate denied bail, remanding him to prison.

A woman, 31, a resident of San Pedro Town, told police that she was visiting her sister-in-law in the Maya Street area of San Ignacio when her sister-in-law introduced her to a man, Samuel “Cu-Cu” Jones, a resident of the Santa Cruz area of Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, who had accompanied her sister-in-law to the house.

The woman said that shortly after the introduction, she began to experience headaches. She told Jones that she was not feeling well, and Jones said that he could cure her. He ordered her to follow him into the room, and told her to get undressed.

She complied and he was with her for around two hours, during which time he was acting weird, as if he was invoking spirits, she said, and then, he engaged her in sex two times. She then got dressed and they left the house together.

They then went by the riverside, where Jones wanted sex for a third time. She alleges that the third sexual encounter that Jones proposed was an act of oral sex upon him, but she refused.

Jones then ordered her to go to the river so that he could wash her off, but she refused, and they then went to Burns Avenue, where he bought a plate of food for her.

They took a seat under the shelter of a nearby fast food shop, with the police station in clear view up ahead. The woman said that she first stretched out on the bench and rested her head in Jones lap, and at this point received a suck mark (also known as a “hickie”) on the right side of her neck.

She said she shifted her position, and she began rubbing his head and after about ten minutes, Jones fell asleep and began snoring. The woman said that she then slipped away from him, walked to the police station and asked the police to take her home.

The next day, accompanied by her sister-in-law, she went to the police station, where she made the report against Jones, that she had been raped.

The police did not have to go far to find Jones, because he was sitting in the Columbus Park, right in front of the police station. He was immediately arrested.

The woman, her sister-in-law and a police officer went to the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan, where she was examined by a gynecologist, who certified that she had been carnally known.

When asked if he wanted to give a statement, Jones chose to remain silent.

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