General — 21 August 2019 — by Albert J. Ciego
Statutory Instrument needed to enforce breathalyzer results in court

BELIZE CITY, Fri. Aug. 16, 2019– Ten breathalyzer kits were handed over to police to be used during police highway patrols and other operations to be carried out by police.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, however, said that before a driver can be convicted of driving with alcohol in his blood above the legal limit, which would be determined by means of a breathalyzer test, a Statutory Instrument (SI) must be passed into law so that the findings of the breathalyzers can be admitted in court.

Commissioner Williams said that there is an SI in the books for the results of blood or urine sample tests to be admitted in court, but the test must be carried out by the National Forensic Sciences unit, which, at the end of its examination of the sample, issues a certificate which is submitted to the court, based on which a driver can be found guilty of driving with alcohol, above the legal limit.

Presently, there is no SI for a breathalyzer test, and he would like to have the SI changed or expanded so that the reading of a breathalyzer test can be admitted into evidence, along with the results of the tests of urine or blood samples by the National Forensic Sciences unit, to prove that an accused person was guilty of driving with alcohol above the legal limit.

Commissioner Williams said that they will lobby to get the SI passed, which would make it much easier to prosecute drunk drivers.

The Police Department now has about 30 breathalyzer test kits

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