Letters — 08 August 2018
Strong opinions from Dean Wayland

Dear Editor,

Mr. Russell Czarnecki, in the midweek issue of Amandala, referred to United States’ President Donald Trump’s election as “a con job.”

It was no such thing. Mr. Trump was elected by the American people (despite a million illegal aliens voting for Clinton) because the Americans were sick and tired of being conned by globalists Clinton and Obama.

Will Belizeans never wake up to the fact they are being conned into voting YES to the ICJ? What is the ICJ? An arm of The United Nations. What is the United Nations? Uncle Sam’s right arm.

Uncle Sam is spending a quarter-million to “educate” Belizeans to vote YES. Why? So Uncle Sam’s lap dog Guatemala can obtain Belize. The dice are loaded at the ICJ, so there is no point in going there.

Vote NO. Guatemala claims Belize? So be it. Let Guatemala claim Belize until Gabriel blows his horn.

Don’t hand over Belize to Guatemala by voting YES. Vote NO!

Dean Wayland

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