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Sunday Lottery Draw, “11” to “31,” causes confusion!

A miscommunication between supervisors of the Sunday Lottery and the radio announcer of the draw led to serious controversy over yesterday’s draw. The winning numbers of yesterday’s Sunday Lottery Draw are 2231 (first prize), 1022 (second prize), and 0506 (third prize), but the numbers were announced as 2311 (first prize), 0220 (second prize), and 506 being the last numbers with one digit missing.
At this time, a review of the numbers played revealed that the first digit from the first prize had been missed.
According to Love FM’s radio announcer for last Sunday’s draw, Armin Arana, he was asked by a supervisor to assist with the writing of the numbers on the board because there was no member of the public willing to do so, and he obliged.
But the first digit had already been called and he, along with members of the viewing public, was unaware of this until the last numbers were called, with one digit missing at the end and the error was immediately corrected.
The error in the order of the numbers had many people celebrating and thinking that they had won “11” as the wining single number, and the correction to “31” caused uproar among buyers of the Sunday Lottery.
Amandala spoke to a frequent buyer of the lottery, who declined to give his name, but mentioned that he was very upset with the “mix up,” because he said that had a dream the night before and thought that he had a sure win, so be bought a hundred pieces of 11 expecting to win $1,100.00.
“I was just about to go collect on the 11 when my wife asked me to get her some juice before I left. When I came back with the juice, they announced that there was a correction and the winning number was not 11 but 31. I was very upset because I couldn’t understand how could they make a mistake like that when the draw is live and they waited until the end to make the correction!”
Karil Wallace, assistant supervisor for yesterday’s Sunday Lottery Draw, told Amandala that what occurred yesterday was a miscommunication between supervisors of the draw and the radio announcer, which resulted in the announcer missing the first digit of the lottery draw, and this changed the order of the numbers.
But the error was corrected when the third prize digits were found to be incomplete. Wallace explained that the draw is always documented, with each digit recorded as it is drawn. The supervisor and the radio announcer then sign the document upon completion of the draw and a copy of the documentation given to the radio announcer and a copy kept on record.
The draw was already documented when the error was noted, and there was no valid reason for a re-draw.
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