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Teacher offers suggestions to help struggling students

LettersTeacher offers suggestions to help struggling students

Amandala Newspaper
3304 Partridge Street
Belize City

January 18, 2023

Dear Editor,

I am convinced that our students have been affected by Covid-19. This has created a crisis which demands urgent attention. I encourage the schools to make a concerted effort to work with students at their level. This may require the use of varied teaching strategies to meet students’ learning needs. An example of such strategy is teaching a concept in multiple ways. This may help to reach out to the whole class.

It is also imperative, especially at this time, that teachers use the differentiated instruction in teaching. This is an approach that helps the teacher plan with individual learning needs in mind.

I believe that this is the time when teachers are required to teach students rather than the curriculum. I am not saying that you should ignore the curriculum. The curriculum should be an integral part of the learning process. However, the curriculum should only be used as a guide to teaching and learning. The focus should be on the students’ needs.

Finally, there’s the need to implement some form of intervention to target students’ academic needs as well as to help struggling students. However, for this undertaking to be successful, it must be done as a school effort. The staff’s skills and interests would be used in their particular areas of strength to help overcome difficulties in students’ learning.

I hope that the above suggestions will help in the teaching and learning experiences in our schools as teachers strive to bring their students to the level they ought to be.

A retired teacher
Delbert Garcia

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