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Home Headline Teenager killed in Lords Bank

Teenager killed in Lords Bank

LORD’S BANK, Tue. Feb. 16, 2021– In a week of increased gun violence and crime, there is yet another murder to report. This most recent homicide occurred on Wednesday in Lords Bank. Nineteen-year-old Floyd Carter, Jr., was found dead on an unnamed street after multiple shots were heard in the area. Back in November, his father, Floyd Carter, Sr., had also been murdered, and the police believe that the assailants could not get a hold of Carter, Jr., and executed his father instead.

This marks the third death in the Carter family in the past three months. While Carter’s passing is still under investigation, the police are certain that he was the intended target of a hit. Reports indicate that the young man had just left his house and was walking with his brother-in-law when a gunman approached them and instructed them to stop. He then began to fire shots in their direction, several of which hit Floyd Carter, Jr., and killed him.

Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Eastern Division, spoke with the media on Wednesday to share the developments in the case thus far:

“The information that we had received earlier [in reference to the shooting of Carter’s father] is that his son would have been the target, and because they could not get him, they actually got his father who was on the canal side on that night, but last night, Mr. Carter, he was just coming off of his girlfriend’s residence and was walking along with one of his brothers-in-law when they were surprised by a male person who came out with a firearm and fired shots in his direction. Unfortunately, he lost his life there and then. I know that presently police have detained two persons, and they are being interviewed at this moment to see what other information we can get from them,” said Cowo.

The Police Department received information that Carter had previously gotten into a dispute with his girlfriend whose house he had just departed from prior to the shooting, and after that dispute, Carter had been detained, but was then released after she failed to file a complaint. He was to appear in court in San Ignacio on the same day on which he was murdered, but evidently he did not make it, because he received a call and visited Lords Bank instead. Superintendent Cowo confirmed that the person accompanying Carter (reportedly his brother-in-law) was not injured during the attack on his life.

Members of Carter’s family are confused at this time, as they had no prior knowledge of his relationship with anyone in the Lords Bank area.

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