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Shyne reps Belize at 2022 BET Awards

In a special tribute to his former...

Kathleen “Mams” Maud Meheia, JP

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 20, 2022     Funeral...

The buffer class

EditorialThe buffer class

“They divided the offspring of white and black and intermediate shades into 128 divisions. The true Mulatto was the child of the pure black and the pure white. The child of the white and a Mulatto woman was a quarteron with 96 parts white and 32 parts black. But the quarteron could be produced by the white and the marabou in the proportion of 88 to 40, or by the white and the sacatra, in the proportion of 72 to 56, and so on all through the 128 varieties. But the sang-mele with 127 white parts and l black part was still a man of colour.”

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