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Life is a constant struggle. It is said that we are the ones who decide what kind of life we want to live, while there are others who say that it’s destiny — that before we were born it was already written. After over three quarters of a century living on this planet earth, I must accept that I don’t know; probably there is some truth in those ideas. Life has taught me that not everything we plan is accomplished. However, there are certain objectives that we can only achieve if we are determined, even though other factors will intervene because of reasons which are out of our control.

How could I have imagined that socialism would become a concept that I sincerely believe is the best system to follow if we want to walk in the steps of the greatest revolutionary of all times, “Jesus the Christ”, who taught us through his actions. Where and how did it all begin? It all started with the teachings and advice given to me by my mother. Even though, she knew absolutely nothing about socialism. it so happens that my mother and my adopted grandparents were members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, whereas my grandmother on my father’s side was a Roman Catholic. This brought the teachings of Christianity in my childhood days. (Many years after, the understanding I got from these and other religious organizations is that they have two main objectives, which are SPIRITUALITY and CAPITALISM.)

My mother used to say to me: “Son, whenever someone asks you for a favor do it to the best of your ability without expecting anything in return. Should in case a person wants to pay you don’t receive it because it was done with a good heart. My mother taught me several similar principles —so much so, that when, for the first time a tip was given to me I felt offended and humiliated. The reason was that I was receiving a salary to give such service as a professional. It took time for me to learn and understand THE TIPPING CULTURE.

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26th June 2020
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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