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The devil in me

Dear Editor,

The Devil loves no man or woman. He doesn’t want you as his servant. He doesn’t want you as a soldier of his army or a guard at the gates of his palace. He does not respect your intellect or appreciate your creativity. He doesn’t care about the riches that you have acquired. And he doesn’t want to hear your singing or music or poetry, because those are gifts God poured into you.

All the Devil wants is to destroy you.

For centuries, the Devil has vested himself as a servant of the people and wooed human beings at the highest levels of leadership and trust in order to achieve his aims. From kings and queens to princes, presidents and prime ministers, the Devil has been unrelenting in spinning his web of lies, deceit and gimmickry. Nothing has changed.

Some of the most powerful men and women of Belize dismiss the Devil as folklore. They believe this folklore has been created to ensure the good behavior of mischievous children, to frighten children into believing that bad spirits will punish them for bad thoughts and bad actions.

And so, stories of good and evil from the Bible make powerful men and women laugh out loud.

Our need for food, shelter, warmth and our desire for companionship are some of the gaps that make mankind vulnerable to evil men and women on this hostile planet. The Devil preys on these gaps by whispering into the ears of weak children that he can make things easier for us.

All that he asks is that we do things his way. He will solve a nation’s problems if we administer things his way. He will make us champions if we do things his way. Our cups will then run over with abundance.

Whether you believe the Devil is folklore or not is up to you; after all, we have all been given freedom of thought and freedom of choice. But the grip that raw evil has had on Belize for some time now is as clear as day for anyone who wants to see. Thousands have perished through gun violence. Defenseless toddlers have suffered the most with cases of rape, severe beatings and bludgeoning to death, all documented in the media.

While the poor and innocent suffer, those in authority continue to enjoy the lure of vanity and hedonism.

And now, there are some people who want to rewrite our laws to dismiss the natural roles that we have been given by our Creator. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

Mothers, if you love your children, continue to cling to the verses of your Holy Bibles! Fathers, continue to speak up in public! Prayers and action are the best ways to stomp evil from our blessed shores.

Although it was God who created His intelligent design of mankind, each of us came with our own little faults. Perhaps each of us has a little devil within. For sure, none of us are saints. But we must resist those faults inside us and make Belize a God-loving nation once more.

Emil Rodriguez
San Ignacio

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