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The face mask is the best line of protection against the spread of the coronavirus

Dear Editor,
History repeats itself. Back when the space race had just begun, Americans were searching for a pen the astronauts could use in space. It had to be able to write upside down. They spent huge amounts of money researching this product.

The Russians used a pencil. I read this in the Reader’s Digest many years ago.

Similarly, the entire planet is looking for a vaccine or a treatment for COVID-19. They just allocated $8 billion U.S. for such an endeavor.

The solution is staring us in the face. Eight-six percent (86%) of the propagation is caused by asymptomatic persons, meaning they do not even know they have it. The governments of the planet, have to pass laws that prohibit anyone from being in public without a protective face mask.

Let me stress, it has to be a law, or people will not, do it on their own. It is much easier, safer, and better than social distancing, which is being recommended.

The propagation is by saliva or sneezing. With a mask on, this is neutralized. It is only to contain the virus. If you cannot get a mask because they have sold out, use a large handkerchief. Anything is better than nothing at all.

Entrepreneurs, start a business making masks; they are easy to make and in high demand.
After a while, when treatment has been found, we can go back to normal. Much better than locking down the whole planet and the economy.

We can nearly bet that the driver, who took those Guatemalans, who had on their masks, to the border, will be free of contamination.

Bottom line; the mask is not to protect you from the virus; it is to stop you from spreading it, which is the real problem.

Romel Cuello

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