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The Government’s Ship Is Sinking, Rapidly!

A little over five months into its maiden voyage, the SS GOB has run into some serious problems. At this time, a faint distress signal has been activated, and it’s anybody’s guess as to who triggered it, but the ship is in distress. It is uncertain whether the ship struck an iceberg, or whether it is as a result of equipment failure onboard, but the ship is wading in uncharted waters. Could it be that the captain and crew of the ship cannot handle the gears and navigate this ship? Or is it that they are taking nautical advice from people who have never been deemed seaworthy? Regardless of how you put it, the Government’s ship is sinking, and it’s sinking rapidly!

Assuming office in turbulent times is certainly no easy task. This new government assumed control of this ship amid turbulent weather and was left stranded in uncharted waters. They were caught in the whirlwind of a health catastrophe and inherited an economic drought that severely impeded the ship that they were to man. But, truth be told, they applied for this post and wanted this job, knowing fully well the state that ship was in and the conditions of the weather in which they were bound to sail.

Yet, still, they told the crew and convinced the people that they were the right fellows for the job. They touted all their plans to repair the ship and spoke of the ways by which they would provide a smooth, secure and safe ride for all. In addition, they even talked about many different benefits that passengers would receive if they bought on to their ticket and sailed along with them. So many people took a shot at them, many (even) jumping ship to join this voyage. But little did they know, that so very early on, the ship would run into problems before even really taking off.

Now, the SS GOB has taken on water and is listing badly. The passengers have started to complain and are crying foul. This is not what they had signed up for. This is not what was promised. Many have retrieved the brochure that was given with the benefits and the packages and realized that they haven’t really received or begun to enjoy those benefits and packages as yet. And when asked about it, they are told by members of the crew, that they need just a little more time to start rolling out the benefits and that the passengers should try to bear with them.

Well, as the passengers continue to bear with them, some are getting impatient. Some crew members are trying to deliver on the benefits, while others, like the ship, are off to a slow and troubling start. It is said that even some crew members are beginning to grow weary and becoming disgruntled over the slow progression of the ship and how its affairs are being managed. As this is unfolding, the ship is badly in need of repairs, and the technicians are making little to no strides. Amid the battering of the angry waves that refuse to let up, the ship is in a grave position amid treacherous waters.

The SS GOB is listing, and it’s listing badly. The SS Opposition has received a rather faint and disdainful distress signal from the SS GOB ship and is keen on this distress call. However, their ship is much too small and severely weakened and cannot front the weight of the government’s ship. The SS Opposition is in dire need of repairs itself and its gauges and compasses require urgent recalibration. It is then left to see whether the government’s ship will be able to bail the excess water it has taken on early in its maiden voyage and salvage this five, and set sail for Island Two-Term; or it will toss up white flags for the Opposition’s ship to rescue them and take over.

There are some strange happenings taking place outside the horizon. It is anybody’s guess as to whether it is the captain who is sailing the ship, or if it is the ship that is sailing the captain!

But, as it is often said,

Time and tide wait on no man!

Keep your eyes open.

Unchained Reflections Of A Liberal Pragmatist

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