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The homosexual high school administrator

It is rare for young people who have been abused within the school system by teachers or administrators—forcing them to give sexual favors to get good grades or access to tests and answers—to come forward and tell their story. It is also rare for other co-workers who know of this type of injustice to step up and expose it. This is an extremely sensitive matter, and a matter that some refuse to address publicly because they fear losing their jobs and, in the most extreme cases, their lives.
It is for this reason that we tell this twisted story of incest, sodomy and sexual abuse without identifying names, or the alleged sodomite and institution. We believe the interviewee to be a very credible professional, but we did have to question the motive for coming forward.
In response, the interviewee said that it is so that parents can be aware of what is happening and so that they will talk to their boys, and so that they can be put on guard against falling into the vicious cycle of sexual abuse.
The alleged abuser had purportedly suffered the same kind of abuse when he was a young boy—and he is doing to other young boys what his abuser allegedly did to him. But the question is – where does this cycle end, and who will put an end to it?
The story comes from behind the walls of a very prominent high school in Belize City, where a homosexual administrator is alleged to be abusing his authority to force sexual favors from boys. Some students would pay for having tests in advance by giving sexual favors. According to one account, the administrator would tell students to visit at nights. He would approach the boys clad in shorts and play chase with them before giving them what they had come for—but not before he could get his sexual pleasure with them.
It is the school’s policy that teachers should turn in their exams in advance, and that’s how the administrator was able to make such bargains with students.
The school once had a counselor who had built a rapport with some of the students. Students began opening up to the counselor about their sexual ordeals, and what the counselor described as their own “conflicts” with their sexuality. Some of the boys in the school (some of them minors) were wondering whether they were homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Some of them complained of being bullied into sexual activity by older boys at school.
Some students reported having sexual relations with a leading school administrator. Some of them were minors, which made this doubly illegal. In some instances, students confided in the administrator, and it was during those vulnerable moments that they were initiated into the world of homosexuality. One relative told the counselor that the administrator sodomized him.
One of the victims was the perpetrator’s own relative, and he said that he did not tell his parents because he felt that they would not have believed him, but he wanted to tell the counselor because his younger brother had started to attend the same school and he did not want the same thing to happen to him.
Other students made similar reports about the same administrator. The information was documented on file and then turned over to the superiors—but that was, evidently, the door to the big cover-up. Administration refused to investigate one of its own.
It was the administration that should have investigated and, if criminal sexual activity was confirmed, then the police should have been called in to deal with the matter, the counselor said, citing professional protocol for counselors.
But administration kept the files and did nothing. They, instead, tried to cover up the matter. The alleged abuser disappeared from the scene for a few months, but later returned to the same institution.
The counselor said that Government authorities have explained that the victims have to also give their statements to the police for them to pursue the matter.
A lot of the parents did not know what was happening, said the counselor. One student said that the reason he did not tell is because the parents would not believe him. Another, a young man who is a member of a prominent family, said that he feared that his parents would look down on him, the counselor added.
We understand that what the administration did was to try to shut up the counselor by relocating him to a different arm of the institution, but the counselor has instead gone to work with another institution.
“I have been told that I would either be crucified or killed,” the counselor said.
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