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The old big stick, Leviticus, was the real deal

We know that in his time Leviticus (Moses) didn’t go unchallenged, but ever since the LGBT-plus crowd started their agitation they’ve been overturning the books, and Leviticus has been losing its clout. Whoa, if you’re LGBT you can read on without fear of your ire being raised, because you’re just incidental here; this isn’t about you.

Yap, the LGBT started it, and now every tenet of the great book is under assault. Wait a minute there, I’m wrong about that crowd, it isn’t they who started the book burning. It’s us daam pork eaters! The pork eaters started it, and then a certain party who I will name later got into the picture with their big money and started taking charge of our lessons.

Pastor Chuck Swindoll at the website insight.org says the most probable date for the divine revelation to the head priest of the Lord, the Levite, Moses, was 1446, and it was the “first book studied by a Jewish child.” Swindoll says the priests used Leviticus “to instruct the new nation of Israel in proper worship and right living, so that they might reflect the character of their divine King.”

From the piece, “Here are 15 Lessons from The Book of Leviticus” published on the website simplelessonsfromthebible.blogspot.com, we learn that the intention behind the sacrifice of an innocent animal (to atone for sins) is to evoke remorse in the sinner…

…We are to avoid hasty promises, and if we make one, God expects us to deliver no matter how tough it is to get the job done. We shouldn’t do anything because others are doing it; we should not allow ourselves to become “contaminated by the values, beliefs, and habits that are contrary to God’s word.”

In those long gone days there was no cure for leprosy, a deadly contagious disease, so Leviticus ordered people who got infected with it to isolate. Lepers were forced to live outside the gates of the city, and they were let back in only if they were miraculously healed.

The Lessons says Leviticus insists that we be different from sinful society, that we mustn’t be watered down wishy-washy live and let live. The Lessons, in point #13, says Leviticus declared a 50th year of Celebration, when the debts of slaves were cancelled, because while God declared that man will live by the sweat of his brow, “He did not want some of his people becoming super-rich at the expense of causing others to live in poverty.”

Lessons interpretation of Leviticus 25:23 is that all land belongs to God; we are just caretakers, and God isn’t about fostering insecurity…”On the contrary, he wanted his people to avoid greedy materialism which causes insecurity. The idea that God is the owner should be our attitude concerning all our money and material possessions. They all belong to God. We are simply managing them for Him.”

I know, after reading that last part you’re wondering what the hell happened here with these mega rich Christian pastors that are about these days. Me, I’m guilty of not giving the Levi his full due because I paid too much attention to his sensational condemnation of pork chops, rough, and the give-no-quarter insistence that certain people (my apologies) confine their bad behavior to the closet. I am guilty of blaming the Moses side of our faith for all the greed.

Wa, we are all sinners – some of us are a lot more sinful than others – so no accusations, just be manly and accept and try to atone for our shortcomings, instead of making these relentless efforts for justification. We should never try to whitewash our sins, or worse, glorify them.

I ask: who’s the gold standard? Repeat after me: Leviticus is!

The new big stick, the EU, is soft pops

Wherefrom these Europeans, barely a few decades removed from two world wars, and still very vicious when they don’t have their way? Wherefrom they got the credentials to tell us how to raise children and run our show? I never said everybody is all bad. There’s a lot of good in them, but they don’t have the credentials.

This new order from the EU, that we mustn’t apply any physical disciplining to our children, yes, it is contrary to the Bible, and a lot of what they are bringing to improve the way we live is soft pops.

Leviticus is maligned by the ones who broke out of the closet, there I go again, but there’s a lot more to that book than good sexual behavior. Don’t get upset because we all like to eat pork. Back then we couldn’t handle that thing because it was a major disease carrier. Don’t condemn Moses’ message because of the tools he used. He was fighting superstition and ignorance so he needed the hammer. Forget the means and look at the ends, the important lessons.

The EU, the new force telling us how we should live, they’re pushing their message with money. All our political leaders are in tow because they didn’t create much wealth, or mismanaged, and so we have to beg. The EU gives, and we pay with the fabric of our society.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco might kyaahn read, but ih smart

Our prime minister apologized for his Spanish when he was in Mexico, with the explanation that he comes from an English speaking country, but one comment on a youtube show I saw was that our John B was far more fluid than their Cuauhtemoc B, the Governor of Morelos who gave the welcome address when PM Briceño and AMLO visited his state recently.

The Mexican commentaries were brutal. They said Cuauhtemoc made a fool of himself in front of the nation (Mexico), that he didn’t go over his speech and the blunders were numerous. If you asked me, ehm, he deserved his lashing.

I checked a Wikipedia post about his 2018 candidacy for Governor of Morelos, a state with a little over 500,000 people, and would you believe he listed his football exploits on his résumé, and nada about his education and achievements outside of football?

Cuauhtemoc won a landslide victory. It is best in this world to be liked. The brother was a brilliant football player, and if the Wikipedia stats are correct, that he scored 71 of 73 penalties he took, he isn’t “one of the best penalty takers of all time” as they said, he is flat out the best. Nobody who took 50 penalties came anywhere near to his 97.26% success rate from the spot.

Not everyone who achieves stardom on the ball field is very athletic; indeed some players are nearly as clumsy as an ox. In boxing there are heroes whose single weapon is that they have a tough chin; in baseball some can throw, and nothing else, some can hit, and nothing else; in American football and basketball some are considered athletic – for their size.

Football, God’s game, might be the sport that demands the most athletic talent, and it’s rare to find players who make it to the top of the sport without much athleticism. Cuauhtemoc Blanco was rare. I must say I didn’t see him in his youth. Then, maybe he was fast and lightning quick, maybe he was acrobatic like P & G, maybe he could jump and head like Jared Borgetti. The man I saw on the field had none of those tools. What he had was genius.

Hmm, listing football exploits and no achievements in education when he applied for that big leadership job that calls for cerebral power shouldn’t have won him any points. But Mexico (Morelos) might have lucked into something. Forget that botched speech; forget that he reads like Inspector Clouseau; that Cuauhtemoc is one smart dude.

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