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The party of misogyny

There’s an old sexist joke that goes like this: “What do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes? Nothing, you already told her twice.” When I was much younger, I thought this was hilarious — when I was much younger! I grew up in a Belize that was very macho- oriented; maybe it still is, I’m not sure. Maybe the younger generation, and especially the younger women, won’t tolerate such behavior in this day and age. I made a few mistakes in my youth in the way I treated women — again, in my youth, but everybody grows up at some point, and understands, right from wrong. Our women should be treated as equals, although in many respects they contribute more, to work, family and country. They are the backbone of society, and in many areas, are much stronger than us, macho, macho, men!

I remember years ago, when the UDP began to search for a party leader, I told Dean Lindo, in a conversation on the subject, that a wife-beater, or an abuser of women, should never be allowed to assume leadership of any political party, especially if evidence already exists that the person seeking that position has been accused of this before. The video that surfaced recently, if true, should be taken seriously by the opposition party, and steps should be taken to remove this person from the elevated position they hold, and relegate him to back-bencher status, and his fate can be decided in the next election. Anyone vying to replace him as leader cannot have the stench of being abusive, in any way, toward women. It is way past time that these pillars of society, and democracy, actually play the part. Who really wants someone representing them that has no respect for more than half of the population? No, man, dis look bad, smell bad, and if it looks and smells bad, well, you know it’s bad!

How can that person ever speak out against abuse, which is rampant worldwide, or be able to to discuss, or act on, women’s issues, when they look at women as chattels, not as human beings. If you saw a dog being treated like that, you’d call the police. An example has to be set, if what we saw in that video is true. How can anyone show their face in public ever again, or ever be able to regain any moral authority on the subject of women, equal rights, or even just common decency? They can’t! The UDP has a problem with misogyny; they have to deal with it. They have to do this to regain their credibility as a party, or wallow in the weeds of isolation and insignificance, for the foreseeable future!
“She walks in beauty, like a night of cloudless climes and starry skies. And all that’s best of dark and bright, meet in her aspect and in her eyes.” — Lord Byron.

Belizean in diaspora.

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