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PWLB officially launched

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Albert Vaughan, new City Administrator

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The people’s choice!

FeaturesThe people’s choice!

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

This week, in a special election in the 3rd district in New York, democrats reclaimed a congressional seat held by the fabulist, George Santos. According to the pundits, who I’m beginning to despise for always reading the room incorrectly, it would be a tight race, and the republican candidate would probably squeak out a narrow victory. WRONG! The democrat easily defeated this Trump supporter, once again proving that these paid professionals are nothing but hacks that don’t know their audiences.

I will say this again. Anyone who believes that Trump will defeat Biden in 2024 is either disingenuous, foolhardy, or absolutely underestimates the American voter. They’re listening to the noise from the right, a false alarm that wants one to believe that the loudest is the mightiest, a fallacy disproven over and over! The American electorate will not vote for anarchy and mayhem and craziness, period! They gave the republicans a chance to show that they could make a difference in the House. They turned that into a s___show, and the rebuke in the special election confirms this fact.

Donald Trump is a loser! A born loser who will end up in jail. He will lead the republicans into probably one of the worst defeats this fall; it won’t be close. Why? Because he’s a convicted rapist, a convicted fraudster, an election denier, although he lost by over 7 million votes! He’s facing various lawsuits, including 91 indictments in Washington DC. He’s a disgusting example of a human being, a racist, a misogynist, a congenital narcissist and liar. He’s a criminal that is running to stay out of jail. He’s supported mostly by racist followers who know that this country is changing and will do anything to stymie the inevitable, including insurrection!

The American people are fickle, but when the time comes for them to elect the next president, they will sober up and vote for stability over insanity. They will vote for progress, not retaliation; for inclusion, and not division.

The press will always keep the race close, but it’s only because it benefits their financial interests to do so. To keep us glued to the news and help them make more money! I don’t blame them for that; after all, capitalism rules. What I do blame them for is thinking that we are idiots, that we don’t see or know right from wrong! They disrespect us and our intelligence!

If I had a billion dollars I would bet it all on his defeat in the fall. They try to normalize his candidacy, but there’s nothing normal about this crooked, immoral, obscene caricature of a human being. He’s a perennial loser, and will take his followers with him to Jonestown and disappear! He’s a disgrace to his race, to this country, to his fellow man/woman, and especially a disgrace to humanity! A loser leading his pack into the abyss! Stop normalizing this creep; he is done!!!


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PWLB officially launched

Albert Vaughan, new City Administrator

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