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The Same Folks That Put You Where You Are Today… 

“People don’t stop to think about
How they got where they are
They’re too busy living the good life
Playing the low-level movie star
They ain’t got time to understand
They’re too busy seeking glory
When a poor man needs a helping hand
They call it a hard luck story
You might be rich and wealthy
And got some money to burn
Just remember it’s those little wheels
That make the big wheels turn”

Oooh, Oooh, Yeah… “… just remember it’s those little wheels that make the big wheels turn…” Wait, what? Oh, hey there, esteemed readers, sincere apologies, was busy humming that old tune from Mel & Tim. So where were we? Oh yes, right there! I am appalled at the carrying on of this new government which somehow seems to have forgotten so early on in their tenure in whose hands the great power lies: en el manos de la gente: in the hands of the people.

After two successive resounding mandates from the people of Belize, this new government seems to be “high” on power. It appears their haughtiness has caused them to forget the power of the people who essentially placed them there. This government was elected on a good governance mandate, and there have been quite a few “fast ones” that they have pulled that have certainly raised some eyebrows and sparked concerns among the people. There have been quite a few blunders, done in a most insolent manner, that have provoked the populace.

We as a people did not elect leaders to trample on the masses of the people and dictate to us. We elected our leaders to have meaningful and respectful discourse with us with a view to make our lives better. The least we can ask for is to be respected and engaged in a spirit of goodwill and camaraderie. Never would one believe that we would be talked down to, scolded and in some instances belittled, with little respect for our wishes and our core values.

Furthermore, one of the primary reasons why this new government was given such a massive mandate is because the people felt that the previous administration was no longer serving their best interests. Now, to be early on in your “good governance” term and not quite walking the proverbial straight and narrow is no less than a slap of the wrist to the very good people who put you there. I find it menacing how such great weight is being put on a selected group to shoulder the ails of the economy and then there is the audacity to paint a disdainful picture of them.

This government ought not to forget the humility they had when they sought out this office. Furthermore, now that the people entrusted them to lead, the people expect that they will lead with that same humility and fervor and valor that they approached them with. Little did the masses realize that just after a mere few months into office, that this new administration would put a “whap” on them! Yes, yes, we know the state of the economy, but you knew fully well too! So now we are just here sitting like idle ducks in waiting; pawns in a chess game, wondering what the next move will be.

Anyways, one thing that is absolutely true is that time is longa than rope, and the people have their eyes peeled wide open. So, in the words of the old song from Mel & Tim, this new government better take heed before these apt lyrics catch up with them. Don’t play with the people, missa big man, and don’t take the will of the people lightly, sah; because sooner or later you may very well find out that sometimes da nuh di fall kill people, yuh nuh? Da di sudden drap! So be very careful and guided before you are forced to realize that…

“… The same folks
That put you where you are today
Tomorrow they just might take it away
The same folks
That put you where you are today
Tomorrow they just might take it away…”

Keep your eyes open.

Unchained Reflections Of A Liberal Pragmatist.

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