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The Toledo District — so rich yet so poor

Dear Editor,

My district, your district, our district is rotten rich with fertile land, sea, rivers, lagoons, and creeks. And as Belizeans, we have the right to use any or all of them for our convenience, but we seldom do. I humbly, but firmly believe that what you don’t use, you lose. Well, presently, that is exactly what is happening right here, right now.

Our neighbors come into our jewel without permission from our government or people and are harvesting our goods that are coming from us and us alone.

To be specific and precise, they come through the back like thieves, in the night and take our xate, valuable and exotic wood and raw materials.

They also disturb the spirits of our ancestors and take whatever is of value. For example jade, skeletons, human hair, and teeth are taken because of the dentistry work the Mayan dentists and doctors used to perform inserting jade, and the like, in and on the body ornamentally for beautification. This was for the Mayan royalty and hierarchy exclusively.

Belize, like no other country in the world, has its virgin forests, undisturbed, and is Mother Nature’s best kept secret. Lo and behold, the cat is out of the bag and has gotten away and is making trouble! Therefore, someone needs to hold the cat down.

The other day, scientists from an American university found a rare and unique frog. They took it to their laboratory in the United States and found out that it is nowhere in their animal encyclopedia.

Therefore, like the frog, we have more flora and fauna, undiscovered, right here, right now in the majestic forests of the Toledo District. Belizeans, friends, and countrymen, lend me your ear. I came to bury Caesar, and not to praise him.

Last week, I found out that some multi-million-dollar Oil Company wants to drill for oil in our district. Well, to them and aIl, I say, “No way, Jose”! If they want to drill, let them drill in their own back yard, but not here!

United we stand, divided we fall, all for one, one for all. Let’s be friends that never part, but not in drilling or in business.

Heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Good-bye, good luck, and thanks.

Edmund Galvez Genus,
Reporting, for and on behalf of the Mayan people of Toledo
January 13, 2020

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