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By Khaila Gentle BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 9,...

The world is in a mess!

FeaturesThe world is in a mess!


On several occasions, I have mentioned throughout these pages that there is not a person in the world who knows it all. What we do have, is our personal experience in life. To have knowledge about an existing thing, situation, we have to investigate, and we have to read a lot and listen to the opinions of many. There are people who are dedicated to analyzing history or events, both past and present. They seek, through this, to prophesy about what the future may be, but no one knows for sure what tomorrow is going to be. At the end of 2019, a virus that we all know by the name Coronavirus appeared. It was something new; we know where it came from, but we don’t know who developed it or how it was developed. Many give their theory, but no one has the truth, and that truth we will never get to know. We will have to learn to live with this virus, like many others.

The world turned upside down. Many countries invested, those who had funds to invest, and most of the countries, like Third World or developing countries, got into debt. Many people have died and continue to die. Many vaccines came out. There were those who wanted the vaccine to be free for all the inhabitants of the world, but the Western countries didn’t want that. What they wanted to have was their own, which could be marketed for the benefit of the pharmaceutical corporations. Here we can see a big difference between the way of thinking of the Western alliance and the thinking of other countries, such as China and Russia, that are now in a conflict with the West that seems to be global.

There are those who have predicted a third world war. We know that what there is, is an economic war which has been going on for a long time. The Coronavirus left us naked and left us begging, because we were not prepared. In a conversation I had with a friend who has a Master’s degree in economics, he told me that capitalism is not a bad thing, that it is a good thing. The bad thing is the corruption of the leaders of the countries. The truth is that I had to remain silent, because he would be absolutely right. The corruption of political and religious leaders, in general, all of them, are corrupt; and that has caused our people to be in poverty. Large corporations are also corrupt and have taken advantage of the weakest due to their power. They have bled us dry and robbed us and continue to bleed us dry and rob us. Something that is not going to stop right now. Possibly a third world war could see a new world order—a more egalitarian one, one where the working class and the producers of goods, are paid what is rightfully theirs.

We can see right now in Europe, Europe does not produce; it still needs what we produce, and it has always been like that. They need the grain from Russia, they need the gas from Russia and they have to pay for it in rubles, in Russian money, so Vladimir Putin put a price of 5 thousand rubles for an ounce of gold, and there we can see how the petro-dollar that was so powerful is falling. They have been investing in supporting Ukraine in  a senseless war which many have predicted will be global, that is, a bloody war, not only economic, bloody. It has not been declared yet; the coin is in the air, but the actions are showing that it is. The curious thing about this is that many of the countries that are members of NATO, like in the case of the majority of the European countries who depend on gas, grains and many other material goods, are suffering the consequences of the sanctions that were imposed on the producer, Russia. It is easy to destabilise the enemies of Russia by simply not supplying them with what they need, such as turning off the gas tap—and they would die of cold; simply stop selling them grain, and that’s it: they have nothing to eat or to feed their animals.

As for its leaders, we hope that it never happens. Russia has a bomb which is called Poseidon that in 12 minutes can either destroy Miami, Washington or Los Angeles, and they will not be able to stop it. One of those bombs could fall on Great Britain and wipe out all of Europe. It wipes out in the sense that people are going to die. But there is another interesting matter which is the People’s Republic of China that for years has been saying that Taiwan belongs to them, but Taiwan has asserted its independence, okay, but for that those other dominant countries would have to give up the countries that they have under their control, like the Falkland Islands, or Puerto Rico, and we could continue the list. It’s a never-ending song, but watch out, as  Taiwan is known as the number one producer of a CHIP that is used in electronic products, such as iPhones, computers, and cars, etc. Without that CHIP, the communication system, the entire internet system, will go down. We would be going about 30 years behind. That’s how big this is.

The idea of ​​globalization, the idea of ​​a single country that dominates the whole world, a single law, a single God is impossible. That is the dream that the United States and NATO have had, including Canada, of course. That is impossible because each region has its history and its culture; each region has its way of being, and what these people must begin to learn is to be tolerant. We can see right now, with the visits that the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has made in Central America, we have heard what he has said. It is not possible to have a meeting of the countries of the Americas without Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua; well, what the hell is happening to the United States? What the hell is wrong with Washington? He will invite those whom he wants and doesn’t want. It is not correct; we either are all sons or all bastards. As I have mentioned in my previous article, the British Foreign Secretary had said that they need a globalized NATO. Of course. They want to impose their way of being; it is not possible. It’s not possible.

They have made a mess of the human mind. Here in America they brought a cross, and there are those who want to say that this cross already existed before the arrival of the Europeans. That’s how messed up people’s minds are. There was never a Christian cross here in the Americas. You have to differentiate between the cross they used or the sticks they used, not to crucify, but to execute a criminal, which was the case at that time. That object was to execute criminals. It was a Crux Simplex. Thereafter, the church sanctified it. It’s just like the guillotine, where they took people’s heads off; there’s nothing sacred about it. Those were weapons used to execute criminals. That is what they have done, and of course, each region has its god, its Buddah, its Allah, Krishna, and we can continue. They have their customs, they have their way of being that they have lived with for thousands of years, and they wanted to establish a new world order. They tried, they can’t do it, it can’t be done.

What must be done is to respect the right of the people who make up the communities or nations of the world. To be able to sit at a round table and talk and reason. Why? For we are supposed to be human beings, not humanoid robots, although many of these First World leaders behave as if they were programmed. Probably, they are and not homosapiens, because we human beings are supposed to be reasonable; we are thinking beings. We can sit down and listen to the point of views of others, even if we don’t agree with them. We can reason very well and shake hands and share food, why not? That a person thinks differently than me, it does not mean that I am not going to share a meal. And speaking about a meal, if I were young I would like to punch the mouth of those who say that there is better health care in Belize when there are no medications. Well, what happens to this ball of fools.? What good is it for us to have doctors, buildings and nurses when there are no medications. Fool’s ball. The fools are not us. We listen and do not answer. We are going to answer in 2025. How the heck are you going to have buildings, and doctors and nurses when there are no medications. Shame on such expressions!

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May 8, 2022

Finca Solana

Corozal Town

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