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Time to fix a battered Belize

Fellow citizens, to make meaningful political change, we don’t need to fly to the moon or Mars to get the right materials. For too long, both the PUP and the UDP parties have ruled us with absolute power. Both the Opposition and the Senate have been impotent in stopping the rape and plunder of our resources by the ruling party, and their legacy is mass poverty, massive unpayable foreign debt and hopelessness.

The despotic rule of the PUP in power has once again proven their absolute power to impose their will. This government has refused to listen the cry of the unions that there be no cut to their salaries or increment freeze. It fell on on deaf ears. The people have at their disposal for immediate change, a homemade material: the Recall Act, and the UN material, the UNCAC.

A) Full implementation of UNCAC

B) The Recall Act. As stated in this act, we need to collect 30% of the signatures of registered voters in each electoral division, as petitioners, and hand this petition to the GG. Once these signatures are validated, the GG shall call for a vote by a referendum. If the majority votes for the removal of a member of the House of Representatives, the GG shall call in 90 days a bi-election. In short words, the people can make a valid petition for the recall of all elected members and force a new general election in less than 2 years’ time. To be exact, not later than one year and ten months, from November 2020, the date of the last general elections — thus before 11th September 2022.

It is time for a credible 3rd party to emerge and challenge the status quo. Suggestion to all affected union workers: it’s time to circulate a petition nationwide for the recall and referendum to come into effect. When each voter signs this petition, it must include the following:

I, John Doe, am signing this petition for the recall of the House Member from Cayo South, before a JP as witness. Attached is a copy of my Social Security card or my voters ID.

The recall may be directed at the PUP’s 26 members of the House, and with the rejection of 11 members, this will trigger a new general election within 30 days. Belizeans, we must now make the last great leap to secure our most treasured goal, Good Governance.

Let the Green Tsunami and the United Unions crush forever this twin mafia in government. When the evil twins become dust, a fresh and capable, compassionate and determined new leadership must step in for the reconstruction of a greater Belize for us and our children’s children’s future.

The ball is now in your court, union members and all Belizeans. We act together y todos ganamos!

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