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To be a pilgrim!

FeaturesTo be a pilgrim!

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m pro America. Despite all its faults, and there are many, apart from the Jewel, there’s no other place in the world I would rather want to live. I have friends in Belize that are very anti-America, and usually can give 100 reasons why America is the great Satan. Some of them have lived in the States, some have never been, but they dislike my adopted country. Some of them praise China or Russia, but then if you ask them where they’d prefer to live, it’s always America! So, it’s a love hate relationship, one of those damn if you do, damn if you don’t. I chose to live in the United States because of all the opportunities laid bare everywhere, for people who want a better life for themselves and their families, in employment, education, medical benefits; there’s a chance to soar, as long as you have the will to put in the work.

She has her problems with racism, xenophobia, especially lately with the Crimson King (Trump), she can be invasive in the affairs of other countries to the point of being offensive. She throws her weight around when she feels threatened, or if allies fall out of line over some policy or the other, with the arrogance of a superpower. But in spite of all her frailties, the line for those who want to migrate stretches for miles and miles. How many people are dying to migrate to Russia or China? How many people are dying to be a part of closed societies where you can’t think for yourself, you are told what to think, or else?

When a Mexican crosses the border at 1 in the afternoon, he usually has a job by 4 pm. When a Belizean crosses the border, he’s working in a week. The land of opportunity! So, they might be illegal, but that sorts itself out eventually during their time in America.

Lately, there’s a new wave of immigrants coming into the country, some escaping untenable ways of life in their countries, some for economic reasons, and others because they still believe that the streets are paved with gold!

Some of these new immigrants have been let in legally, subject to their asylum claims being processed, and what do they do? Stand or sit in front of businesses and other establishments, begging, with their small kids as the bait to gullible passersby. As an immigrant myself, I find that to be very offensive and dangerous, and a sign that they’re not sincere in their efforts to search for a better life. You walk for hundreds or thousands of miles, you have to deal with coyotes and cartels to get into the country, with your family, then you sit on your ass and start begging? No, man, you shouldn’t have left if that’s how you’re going to start your new life in America, or anywhere!

I know, I know, people will ask, Glen, why are you so heartless? I’m not; I’m as much, if not more, empathetic about the plight of human beings, and refugees in particular. But I don’t care what your status is, you can get a job in America; it might not be what you looking for, but at least it puts a roof over your head and food on the table. You can’t just waltz in and expect to be taken care of!

This will not go over well with a lot of my friends, but I always speak my truths. If you are seeking a better life for yourself and your family, begging is the worst possible way to achieve that goal. But that’s what freedom encourages, and that’s why some think that it’s ok to take advantage of that freedom that America offers, in the most unscrupulous ways.

But guess who agrees with me? Fellow immigrants who have busted their asses to make a living in their adopted country. People who have helped to make America a better place to live in, to thrive, to succeed, and to help others who want to help themselves! The people begging on the first week of their arrival make it tougher for those who want to work to live a better life!

I’m always unapologetic of my opinions; they’re mine, and I stick with them. I don’t need anyone to agree with me; I do expect them to respect my point of view!

16 tons, and what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt.
St. Peter don’t you call me ‘cause I can’t go,
I owe my soul to the company store!

(Songwriter Merle Travis)


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