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Toledo teacher “imagining things”, asking questions

LettersToledo teacher “imagining things”, asking questions

(AMANDALA Ed. Note: The below typewritten letter was sent by overland mail inside a white envelope with handwritten addresses; however, the stamped date is unclear, and none was on the letter itself, but we presume it is a recent matter. The letter is duly signed by hand with a black pen, and we thus respect the sender by publishing.)

To: Amandala Press, Belize City

I am right here relaxing, reflecting, and a few things keep going around in my head:

When will management take up its responsibility as stated in the Handbook of Policies?

Bazaar in December and management wants one hundred dollars; you must sell turkey dinner and raffle tickets. (I thought Jesus was against gambling.)

The Catholic Convention to be held in February. Management is demanding payment. To me, the two events are too close to each other. Why the principals did not get staff involved. Do the principals know the financial capacities of the staff members?

Let’s look at the convention closely:

Management is demanding eighty dollars. (We need a breakdown for this.)

Teachers must find their way to/from convention.

Teachers must find hotel accommodation.

What is the objective of the convention? Is the convention for true Catholics? Are the teachers from other denominations to attend? Is it a must for them? Will the teachers who can’t afford it be allowed to go to school? Are we following the Constitution of Belize?

Do you know why I am asking myself all these questions?

Lack of transparency. Lack of information. If you voice your concerns to the correct persons, you become a target. That’s why many of us are afraid to ask questions.

When you ask management for assistance, the answer is, “Management bruk”. REALLY?!

How is it that management has a person going around conducting workshops? Who is paying this person? Trust me: I do not know this person to do anything for free.

I wonder if there is anybody out there imagining things like me.

Concerned teacher
(Signed) Jose Lopez

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