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Vaccine mandate

Dear Editor,

Let me state that I am fully vaccinated, but am against the vaccine mandate.  I understand that governments have a right and an obligation to protect the general population with these mandates, but these present vaccines are not doing the job at not even 80% (my figures).

Too many fully vaccinated persons are still catching Covid, and many are still dying from it. To top it off, the vaccine is hurting people who are seemingly healthy. I know of a couple cases where the persons got a stroke right after the vaccine. You may say they had underlying conditions, but that doesn’t alter the fact that the vaccine accelerated their disease. Others have had bruises appear on their bodies; my son and a sister-in-law had this condition after the vaccine.

To not allow perfectly normal people to enter certain places is the culmination of this mandate. The vaccine does not stop you from catching, spreading and dying from Covid. The mask is the ultimate present protection, along with other protocols. That is what you should have on when going anywhere to interact with others. GoB should really reconsider this mandate and not just follow the lead of the U.S. Leaders also make mistakes.

Romel Cuello

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