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Verdes to participate in Concacaf League draw on Independence Day, September 21

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 16, 2020– While the Independence celebrations this year are mostly virtual, on September 21, Belize’s national football champions, Verdes FC will also be focused on events in Miami, where the draw will be held to determine which club Verdes will face in the do-or-die Preliminary Round of the 2020 Scotiabank Concacaf League, which will eventually qualify six clubs to the 2021 Champions League.
See highlights of Concacaf release below:

2020 Scotiabank Concacaf League draw to take place on September 21

* 22 clubs from eleven Concacaf nations will participate in the fourth edition of the competition.

* Draw will determine the pairings for the Preliminary Round and Round of 16 matches, as well as each club’s path to the final.

* Opening matches to be played on October 20; competition concludes with second leg of the Final on January 28, 2021.

Miami, FL (Monday, September 14, 2020)– Concacaf today announced the date and procedures for the official draw of the 2020 Scotiabank Concacaf League. The competition, scheduled to kick off on October 20, will qualify six clubs to the 2021 Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League (SCCL).

The official draw will be conducted on Monday, September 21 at 7:00 pm ET, from Miami, FL. Fans will be able to follow all the action through the Confederation’s partner networks, including TUDN (USA), TSN (Canada), Fox Sports (Mexico), ESPN (Central and South America), Flow Sports (Caribbean) and other local partners.

For other territories, the event will be available on the Official Concacaf App, Concacaf Facebook page and Concacaf YouTube channel (subject to territory restrictions).

In total, 22 clubs will participate in the 2020 Scotiabank Concacaf League. The clubs qualified for the Preliminary Round and Round of 16 are (in alphabetical order by member association):

Preliminary Round (12 clubs): Verdes FC (BLZ), Hamilton Forge FC (CAN), LD Alajuelense (CRC), Cibao FC (DOM), CD FAS (SLV), CD Municipal Limeño (SLV), Antigua GFC (GUA), Comunicaciones FC (GUA), Arcahaie FC (HAI), FC Motagua (HON), Managua FC (NCA) and Club Atletico Independiente (PAN)

Round of 16 (10 clubs): CS Herediano (CRC), Deportivo Saprissa (CRC), Alianza FC (SLV), CSD Municipal (GUA), CD Marathon (HON), CD Olimpia (HON), Waterhouse FC (JAM), Real Estelí FC (NCA), San Francisco FC (PAN) and Tauro FC (PAN)…

Competition Schedule
As announced on August 7, the competition is scheduled to kick off with the Preliminary Round on October 20 and will culminate with the second leg of the Final on January 28, 2021.

In order to fit the competition into this new schedule, the Preliminary Round and Round of 16 will be played as single game ties at the highest ranked club’s stadium. All other rounds will be played as two game ties (home and away). The complete schedule is as follows:

October 2020 
20-22 Preliminary Round (single leg match)
November 2020 
3-5: Round of 16 (single leg match)
December 2020
1-3: Quarterfinals (first leg)
8-10: Quarterfinals (second leg)
January 2021 
5-7: Semifinals (first leg)
12-14 Semifinals (second leg)
19-21: Final (first leg)
26-28: Final (second leg)

Draw Procedures
The draw, to be executed by Concacaf Head of Club Competitions Matias Tettamanti, will use a single-blind system involving four pots. Pots 1 and 2 will contain the names of the 12 clubs participating in the preliminary round, while Pots 3 and 4 will contain the names of the ten clubs qualified for the Round of 16 and the six winners of the six Preliminary Round matchups.

Based on the 2020 Concacaf Club Ranking, which ranks clubs based on the performance of the countries over the last five seasons of play in the competition, the clubs will be distributed in the pots as follows (in raking order):

Pot 1: Arcahaie FC (CCC3), LD Alajuelense (CRC3), Motagua FC (HON3), CA Independiente (PAN3), CD FAS (SLV2), and CD Municipal Limeño (SLV3)

Pot 2: Verdes FC (BLZ1), Hamilton Forge FC (CAN2), Cibao FC (CCC4), Comunicaciones FC (GUA2), Antigua GFC (GUA3), and Managua FC (NCA2)

Pot 3: Waterhouse FC (CCC2), Deportivo Saprissa (CRC1), CS Herediano (CRC2), CD Olimpia (HON1), CD Marathon (HON2), Tauro FC (PAN1), San Francisco FC (PAN2) and Alianza FC (SLV1)

Pot 4: CSD Municipal (GUA1), Real Estelí FC (NCA1), Winner Preliminary Round No. 1, Winner Preliminary Round No. 2, Winner Preliminary Round No. 3, Winner Preliminary Round No. 4, Winner Preliminary Round No. 5 and Winner Preliminary Round No. 6

The event will begin with the Preliminary Round draw. Once the first club from Pot 1 is drawn, it will be placed in position A of Preliminary Round matchup 1. The process will be repeated with the remaining five clubs in Pot 1, using position A of matchups 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The same procedure will be followed for Pot 2, using the B position in the six matchups.

Per competition regulations, clubs from the same country cannot face each other in the Preliminary Round and the clubs drawn from Pot 1 will host the second leg matches.

Pots 3 and 4 will be drawn using the same procedure. Clubs draw from Pot 3 will be assigned to positions A1-A8 according to the order in which they are drawn, while Pot 4 will use positions B1-B8.

For the Round of 16, clubs drawn from Pot 3 will host the second leg matches, while the winners of Round of 16 matchups 1, 3, 5 and 7, will host the return leg of the quarterfinals.
For the semifinals and finals, the initial bracket will determine the matchups. Additionally, clubs will be ranked per the competition’s tie-breaking procedure to determine who will host the second leg matches…

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