Letters — 20 September 2013 — by Dwight Lopez

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dear Editor,

I write expressing my displeasure and my anger at how our Government continues to shamelessly disregard the welfare of its citizens. Two years ago, I brought a suit against a customer who owed me some thousand dollars. I had won the case and I was to get this money from the Treasury and every time I visit the Treasury I am given the turn around. I am told to go and get it in Belmopan. I have been to Belmopan four times and every time I am told to pick it up from the Treasury in my town.

Over this two-year period, I have made every effort to get my money and I am still here, not paid one penny. How does it expect me to give it another chance at governance? What is worse, Editor, is that Government charges 12.5 % GST on this sum of money. How can this possibly be when I have lost time and interest just trying to collect this sum from the customer who owed me and then to contend with a heartless Government that seeks to extract GST over a two-year period in which it has not paid me my money?

I am left to wonder whether the people who work in the Ministry of Finance are aware of all this nonsense and advantage that is taken of our citizens. How do they sleep at night if they are aware that a citizen who struggles daily to make life possible has been waiting two years to collect monies owed? Public servants, do your job. If there is one or two of you who are stalling this process, get to work and let our democracy be seen to be done. Your bread is buttered and you have no need to wait for your checks at the end of the month. Waiting for my check for two years is an abomination.

Dwight Lopez

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