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MOHW hosts Workplace Wellness Forum

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BDF soldiers get land titles

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CITCO Youth Innovation summer camp ends

150 kids from various parts of the...

Wake Up!

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Nature was made to perfection. Whatever it is, it doesn’t make any mistakes.  Those who make mistakes are men, human beings. For some reason, we are, we should be, reasonable, but it seems that we are beasts. After thousands or millions of years, now it turns out that the United Nations are the ones that dictate or let us know about the freedoms that we have or should have. I wonder, why would it be? Is it because of the effects they had? Because of its behavior for so long, thousands of years, others say millions of years? Is it the behavior they have had against each other? Wars are not something new; taking advantage of another person is not new; taking advantage of others is not new; violating the rights of others is not new. It has been happening for a long time. Even so, the beast, man, the worst animal on earth, continues with his bestiality. What? Land, famine, disease, robbery, rape, nothing has changed. They have modernized in the sense that they have made more sophisticated weapons, but it has always been that way.  Kill, kill, kill. Desiring another man’s woman or another woman’s man, and to top it off, the man wants to be a woman and the woman wants to be a man. It is a complete disaster.

  I don’t know if God was wrong or if Darwin was half crazy. The truth is that it has always been a disaster. The only way that man can learn to behave like a human being is first through a dictatorship. Not with freedoms or with democracy.  If not a dictatorship, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye; you kill me, I kill you, you take out my eye, I take out one of yours. It is the only way there can be discipline. When the human being feels in his own flesh the pain that he causes to another or other or others. Not with human rights. “Oh! Poor things, you have to treat them well!” If they are murderers, they are unfortunate rapists of little girls and boys,  do those have to be given human rights? No man. You have to burn them alive. I agree with the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele: if you love them so much and you want to defend their human rights so much, take them to your country. Therefore, I say that also to Belize. So much treating criminals with white gloves—why? Because the United States says so? Or does England say so? That bunch of killers. They have always been killers. They murdered my people, they enslaved my people, that is not good. They are the ones who brought the Bible, to teach about God, the 10 Commandments, that Christ exists, that we must put our life in Christ because we are going to heaven.  All of that is gossip.  Do we have to pay attention to them? They are more crazy than anything else. 

Gentlemen, we need a dictatorship in Belize before giving freedom, before giving democracy. He who kills is killed; he who steals we cut off their hands; the corrupt must be exterminated; he who harms others must disappear. Only then, we can have a progressive country, a disciplined people. We must educate people. Education is not only through books or imprisonment in a classroom, because that is what they do, they imprison children from a young age—primary school, high school, sixth form, university, few get there. They are incarcerated all day long; when they reach 12 years old they don’t want to know more, they don’t have the freedom to play, they can’t be children. Children have to be children. They want to play, you idiots, you so-called intellectuals. Don’t you understand? The children need to be children, they need a space to play, to develop their minds, to develop their physiques, and for all of you adults who should know better, instead of going to jail they need to be whipped for being corrupt, thieves, criminals.

Gosh! When are they going to learn? We need a dictatorship! Nevertheless, it was given the name “Land of the Free by the Carib Sea, under the shade we flourish,” but we are not “we”; if not, they are. The others flourish. “Land of the Free by the Carib Sea” is for everyone else. Everything has been sold, it’s not for the Belizeans.  Belizeans have nothing. There are a few who took advantage and have something; all the rest do not have even pigeon corn, nothing, but yes, a lot of gossip, speeches of our nation, sovereignty, love of country. Ah yes, speaking of patriotism: September is coming, patriotic songs. Damn, honestly, I don’t understand. How is it that we have a mind so indoctrinated that we are left without knowing how to think critically?  Nothing is yours, Belizeans, not your flag, not your national anthem, nothing is yours. You did not fight for anything, nothing corresponds to you. If independence had been as it should be, this whole place would be nationalized and you would own everything, not be slaves. Yes, you need to bring people from elsewhere to work because there are not enough inhabitants to do the work, but you are the ones who should be the owners. As Muammar Gaddafi did with Libya’s petroleum, no one worked because there was oil, oil paid everything; everyone had their monthly salary, they lived well, but they had him assassinated, because according to NATO, he did bad things. It did not serve the interests of the neoliberals. 

Likewise here in Belize. As the leaders serve the interests of the neoliberals, they are the ones who can fill their pockets, but not you Belizeans. The descendants of the enslaved people and our Mayan brothers and sisters, have nothing. That flag is not yours, that flag is the history of slavery. The national anthem is not yours; it belongs to the Baymen Clan, who were the British. You guys have nothing.  However, when we look at places like Cuba, the Cuba of 1959, when it was taken from the hands of Fulgencio Batista, that place belongs to the Cubans, proud of their land, of their island, because it belongs to them. Yes, they live in poverty but they are no fools. Ninety-five percent are well-educated; they defend what is theirs because it is theirs. Belize is not yours. It belongs to other people. Look around you, pure foreigners with a lot of wealth. I am not referring to the poor Central Americans who are in the same condition as us. No, those poor people come here to see how they can survive. I am referring to those big billionaires who come from different places, pay 2, 3, 4 million US dollars for a piece of land or a house or both. They sell the state assets, others come and build and sell it to others who are fleeing from their land because there is a war there. This country is not yours. You are the ones who move your hips to the rhythm of the drum, you are being used for the amusement of tourists. Wake up! WAKE UP!

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July 24, 2022

Finca Solana

Corozal Town

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MOHW hosts Workplace Wellness Forum

BDF soldiers get land titles

CITCO Youth Innovation summer camp ends

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