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War on weed has fundamental problems

Like, where is the compelling governmental interest?

Dear Editor,

I looked at a recent eye-opener, the case of the one-legged man receiving six months for 1/10 of a gram of cannabis. Yeah, I know he had committed similar violations of the law in the past and still owed money. Last I recall, the courts had fined him $10,000 for a past similar violation. How does a one-legged man pay such a fine? This is only one example of casualties in this war on the people.

With all that said and understood, what are we looking at here? What is the cost in time and money in just this one case? I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you the cost of the cannabis involved. Let’s see what 1/10 of a gram of cannabis is, in the material world – pretty much $35.00 an ounce in most places in rural Belize. OK, 28.3 grams in an ounce, $35.00 divided by 28.3 grams in an ounce = $1.24 per gram. 1/10 of a gram is twelve and one half cents.

So we engaged a number of police, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, and finally the housing of this “criminal” for six months over 12 ½ cents worth of cannabis. The utter absurdity of such a failure of and in the system is just another nail in the coffin of prohibition.

The drug war is a total failure and an incredible waste of time and money. Stand up and be counted. Don’t worry; you’re in the majority now. Speak the truth and shoot your arrows straight.

I understand this is the most giving plant on the planet. It is not a demon; it is sacred and a blessing. Believe me when I tell you much of that blessing comes in the form of material wealth and spiritual uplifting for those who have lived under constant fear that the man will come and take you away.

Ezekiel—”I will rise up for them a plant of renown.”

Sorry for you if you see it as unclean, because for you it will be unclean. But for me, it is a blessing. Go figure.

Stop The War and Receive The Blessing

William Conde, belizehemp.com

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