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Weekend Warriors Cross Country Race 2019 results

BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 6, 2019– Here are the results from the 2019 Weekend Warriors (WW) Cross Country Race, which started at 9:00 a.m. from in front of Loma Luz Hospital in Santa Elena, Cayo, went down the George Price (Western) Highway, to turn left at the Chetumal Street Boulevard, then right onto the Philip Goldson (Northern) Highway, then turned at the old NAPA roundabout, to finish at the M&M Engineering office, for 72 miles. Twenty-eight (28) “A” riders started the race, and 18 finished; while in the “B” category race which started at the same time from Roaring Creek Gas Station, 17 of 20 starters completed the 50-mile journey.

There was a big spill around Mile 33 between a service motorcycle and the front end of the peloton, that saw Preston Martinez of M&M Engineering go down to the side of the road.  He was okay, with just scrapes and bruises. The race was neutralized, as there was Mexican rider  David Balam Interrian, riding for Santino’s, in the lead some 2 minutes ahead, when he broke away from the main pack just outside Camalote. The race restarted at the Belize Zoo.

Finishing order for the “A” was:  1st Place – Gilberto Acosta (Santino’s, 3:34:23); 2nd David Balam (Santino’s, st); 3rd Barney Brown (Digicell-4G, 3:36:03); 4th Mark Reid (Santino’s, st); 5th Warren Coye (Santino’s, st); 6th Ryan Willoughby (M&M Engineering, st); 7th Mark Gentle (FT Williams, st); 8th Santi Castillo (Santino’s, st); 9th Eddie Usher (Digicell-4G, st); 10th Daniel Cano (Santino’s, st); 11th Kenneth Butler (FT Williams, st); 12th Omar Gomez (Santino’s, st); 13th Isaiah Willacey (Furnished Apartments Ltd., st); 14th Charles Garay (BFSC, st); 15th Louis Usher (Santino’s, st); 16th Nigel Matus (M&M Engineering, 3:36:20); 17th George Abraham (Bel-Cal, 3:36:48); and 18th Roque Matus (M&M Engineering, 4:35:50).

Finishing order for the “B”:  1st Place – Nicole Gallego (Digicell-4G, 2:31:56); 2nd Richard Gabourel (unattached, st); 3rd Sydney Thurton (unattached, 2:31:58); 4th Matthew Castellanos (Big Blade, st); 5th Kevin Hope (FT Williams, st); 6th Michael Wagner (M&M Engineering, 2:32:05); 7th Elvis Perez (Digicell-4G, st); 8th Andrew Ordonez (unattached, st); 9th Austin Castro (Big Blade, 2:34:40); 10th Antonio Escarpeta (FT Williams, st); 11th Kaylyn Gillett (Kulture, st); 12th Lisa Berger (BFSC, st); 13th James Saunders (unattached, st); 14th Ingmar Perrera (BFSC, 2:45:10); 15th Edward Blank (BFSC, 2:51:26); 16th Salvador Alvarado (Santino’s, 2:57:06); and 17th Fiona Castillo (BFSC, 3:10:06).

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