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BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 20, 2022     Funeral...

Well-known Brodies
employee killed

GeneralWell-known Brodiesemployee killed

Glenn Theodore
Vernon, 44, a security
guard for Brodies
Supermarket, was shot
in Buttonwood Bay

by Charles Gladden
Mon. June 20, 2022
Glenn Theodore Vernon, 44, a wellknown
employee of Brodies
Supermarket in Belize City, was shot
near his left rib cage and on his thigh
in Buttonwood Bay on Thursday, June
16, and died shortly before 2:00 p.m.
on Friday, June 17, after being
transported to the Karl Heusner
Memorial Hospital, where he was
placed on life support.
An initial police investigation has
revealed that Vernon left work that
evening, but prior to going to his home
on Independence Avenue in
Buttonwood Bay, he made his routine
stop at the yard of his friend, Richard
Alvarez, on Dolphin Drive.
At around 7:00 that night, however,
two men on a motorcycle approached
the gathering, and one of them opened
Since the night of the murder, police
have questioned several persons who
they believe could have carried out the
shooting, but so far no one has been
detained or arrested for the crime.
So far, police investigators know that
Vernon wasn’t the intended target, and
Famed footballer busted with
Popular football defender Ian Gaynair was caught with over a
thousand cans of contraband Mexican beer in his Toyota
Corolla this weekend.
Former Speaker of the House,
Carlos Castillo, passes
Land compensation claims
battering government,
Hon. Hyde says
Well-known Brodies
employee killed
Glenn Theodore
Vernon, 44, a security
guard for Brodies
Supermarket, was shot
in Buttonwood Bay.
that the shooting was likely prompted
by an altercation that involved the men
in Alvarez’s yard and that took place
prior to his arrival at that location.
“Well, as I said, apparently in his
absence, the persons that he [was]
associating with had a problem with
other persons, known to them, and
apparently these persons returned, and
unbeknown to Mr. Vernon that
something took place before he arrived
there. So we know that he could not
have been the intended target because
he had no knowledge of what took
place before,” highlighted the
Communications Director of the Police
Department, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood.
Residents of the neighborhood in
which the shooting occurred have said
that Vernon was not a troublesome
person and was a well-respected
Vernon had been an employee of
Brodies for twenty-four years

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