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What is Belize’s goal where progress is concerned?

Dear Editor,

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines progress as a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal); an advance or gradual betterment, especially, the progressive development of humankind. Factories have been instrumental in modernization and in delivering technological advances to all societies.

Whether operating under capitalism, socialism, communism, dictatorship or democracy, the factories have delivered all our appliances, vehicles, electronics, medical equipment and many other advances that define modernity and have improved the quality of life of billions.

Nothing is perfect; therefore, everything has benefits and drawbacks. Has the cost of modernity been too high for mankind’s long-term survival?

One of the major contributors to global warming is factories. They release greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Global warming and other forms of environmental degradation present an existential threat to human survival. I am not saying to stop using factories to produce merchandise, but we need to use technology to mitigate the environmental damage. This can be done, but profits will be lowered, so it will not be done.

The other aspect of worshiping big business is the huge tax break big companies (factories) get when they come to developing countries like Belize. They will eventually leave after they have exhausted our resources.

Will helping local entrepreneurs be a better model? That’s what South Korea, Japan and China did.

Let’s engage in discussion on what progress is for Belize.

What is Belize’s goal or final destination where progress is concerned?

Yours truly
Brian E. Plummer

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