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What’s going on, BDFA? Foundation members can’t vote?

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Dec. 30, 2019– A couple weeks ago, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) published the schedule for upcoming branch association elections in the New Year, as well as the date for the FFB Ordinary Congress and Elections. But a press release from the Belize District Football Association (BDFA) dated December 27, has raised eyebrows amongst some long time and foundation members of the football family.

In a December 20 letter circulated to affiliate members of the FFB and branch associations, BDFA Chairman William Moguel announced the date for the “BDFA Election & Ordinary Congress 2020,” which is slated to be held on February 9, 2020.

But what has sent shock waves through the local football community, and raised the ominous specter of a return to the “bad old days” of the FFB, is a December 27 letter signed by the BDFA General Secretary, Femi Ojo, naming only 5 clubs and their respective representatives as being eligible to vote in the upcoming BDFA elections.

Unless the Sergio Chuc led FFB intervenes in this scenario, the BDFA is poised to move ahead toward elections where more than three-quarters of active clubs will have no vote in the elections.

For example, Ladyville Rising Stars, the current back-to-back Smart 13 & Under, Mundialito champions, has been active in Belize District football since 2012, fielding teams at different age levels, from U-10 to U-17. Their coach, Daniel “Sundance” Smith, is currently an FFB Coaching Instructor; but the BDFA is now saying that they are not an “officially registered member” of the BDFA, and therefore cannot vote in the elections.

The same is being said of the City Boys Club and their manager Leaton St. Clair; Yabra FC and Jerome “Peeloff” Maheia; Reality Youths and Richard “Cruel” Nunez; Poor & Famous and Larry Sutherland; Ladyville Jaguars and Michael “Wataplat” Flowers; Young Warriors FC and Dmitri Fabro; Heights FC and Marshall Nunez; Sports In Education and Dion “Pussy” Flowers; Face of Belize and George Jenkins; Carlston FC and Shawn Flores.

Then there are the big boys in the First Division Amateur Competition, which for the past couple years has been held in conjunction with the CYDP Peace Cup. Participating clubs in this tournament will have no vote in the BDFA elections. We are talking about clubs like Barrack Road FC, Caesar Ridge FC, City Boys Yabra FC, Lake-I FC, Caye Caulker FC, Ebony Lake FC, FC Elite, Lucky Strike FC, Ladyville FC, Berger FC, etc. All these clubs are left out of the voting for the new BDFA Executive.

Will this ridiculous scenario be allowed to stand? The “ball” stops with new FFB President, Sergio Chuc. Below is a copy of the BDFA release: The Belize District Association would like to announce its five Congress Members under Article 12 of the BDFA Statutes for the upcoming Election Ordinary Congress on February 9th, 2020. The five Congress Members are: Stanley Reneau (Albert FC), Tyrone Young (Smart Brown Bombers), Eulalio Coc (Hattieville United), Marshall Nunez (Young Stars), and William Moguel (Black Orchids FC).

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