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Woman dead after domestic dispute intervention

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Aug. 30, 2021– Today, a 59-year-old man is behind bars awaiting a possible murder charge after he brutally bludgeoned three women last Monday night in a frenetic assault that ultimately led to the death of one of those women, who was reportedly the mother of his common-law wife.

Last Monday, Mercedes Pais went to the home of Alejandra Roxeanne Garcia Rodriguez, 27, a woman described as his “former” common-law wife, and started to beat her with a metal rod.

When her mother and sister heard her cries, they ran upstairs of her house to aid her, but Pais also started hitting them with the rod. The mother of the women, Angelica Rodriguez, 64, was reportedly pushed down the steps by Pais, who proceeded to hit her with the metal rod on her head and back.

The three women were admitted to the San Ignacio Hospital, but the elderly woman, 64-year old Angelica Rodriguez, passed away as a result of her injuries.

Police are now awaiting the results of a postmortem examination on her body to determine the cause of her death and seek advice from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) on any upgraded charges.

Some reports are indicating that Rodriguez fell from the steps onto which she had collapsed after being hit by Pais, so according to police, her cause of death is still to be determined by the autopsy.

At this time, Pais is remanded at the Belize Central Prison on a charge of grievous harm.

Reports to local media are that this terrible incident which led to the loss of an elderly woman’s life could have been averted, since the assailant went on Sunday morning to the San Ignacio police, where he was made aware of a restraining order that had been taken out against him by his common-law wife. Just minutes before, she had gone to make a complaint at the police station, since he was seen in the area.

According to police, the assailant was not aware of the restraining order, and no other complaint had been made against him at the time, so he was released rather than being detained by police.

The following day, however, just a little before 10:00 pm, he would return to the San Ignacio police station to confess to committing the crime.

There is an even more disturbing twist to the story. Apparently, just a short time before the deadly assault, Pais, who, according to the father of his common-law wife, was jealous and paranoid, had gone to the home of Kent Pandy, who is a broadcasting personality in Cayo and had asked him to videotape a statement he wanted to make. In that statement, captured on video, he allegedly described what he planned to do. Pandy told a local television station that Pais had said, “when I lef from yah… [my] life done”.

Pandy claimed that he tried to dissuade Pais from doing what he indicated he planned to do. “But I explain to him that life must go on. You don’t have to do those things or kill anybody… and you don’t have to have one gial. Latta gial deh out deh. But he in love,” Pandy told the television station.

Pandy claimed that he later tried to call Pais’s common-law wife to warn her, but Pais apparently was already at the home and was about to start attacking the young woman.

She and her sister, Emerita Flores, survived the attack and are reportedly in a stable condition at this time.

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