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World Cup 2018 Russia Group Phase results, schedule

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 18, 2018–World Cup 2018 Russia kicked off on Thursday, June 14. Below are the results of games played so far, and the schedule for another week of upcoming games.

Group Phase games results, schedule (local time):

Thurs. June 14 –  (A) Russia 5:0 Saudi Arabia.
Fri. June 15 – (A) Egypt 0:1 Uruguay; (B) Morocco 0:1 IR Iran; (B) Portugal 3:3 Spain.
Sat. June 16 – (C) France 2:1 Australia; (D) Argentina 1:1 Iceland; (C) Peru 0:1 Denmark; (D) Croatia 2:0 Nigeria.
Sun. June 17 – (E) Costa Rica 0:1 Serbia; (F) Germany 0:1 Mexico; (E) Brazil 1:1 Switzerland.
Mon. June 18 – (F) Sweden 1:0 Korea Republic; (G) Belgium 3:0 Panama; (G) Tunisia 1:2 England.
Tues. June 19 – 06:00 (H) Colombia vs Japan; 09:00 (H) Poland vs Senegal; 12:00 (A) Russia vs Egypt.
Wed. June 20 – 06:00 (B) Portugal vs Morocco; 09:00 (A) Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia; 12:00 (B) IR Iran vs Spain.
Thurs. June 21 – 06:00 (C) Denmark vs Australia; 09:00 (C) France vs Peru; 12:00 (D) Argentina vs Croatia.
Fri. June 22 – 06:00 (E) Brazil vs Costa Rica; 09:00 (D) 09:00 Nigeria vs Iceland; 12:00 (E) Serbia vs Switzerland.
Sat. June 23 – 06:00 (G) Belgium vs Tunisia; 09:00 (F) Korea Republic vs Mexico; 12:00 (F) Germany vs Sweden.
Sun. June 24 – 06:00 (G) England vs Panama; 09:00 (H) Japan vs Senegal; 12:00 (H) Poland vs Colombia.
Mon. June 25 – 08:00 (A) Saudi Arabia vs Egypt; 08:00 (A) Uruguay vs Russia; 12:00 (B) IR Iran vs Portugal; 12:00 (B) Spain vs Morocco.
Tues. June 26 – 08:00 (C) Australia vs Peru; 08:00 (C) Denmark vs France; 12:00 (D) Iceland vs Croatia; 12:00 (D) Nigeria vs Argentina.

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