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Letter to the Editor: “Yes, Channel 7, it is the end of the world.”

Dear Editor,

Channel 7 Television ran a news story this past Monday, with the headline, “Gay Cruise Came to Belize – World Didn’t End.” As a broadcaster, I would say that is a clever, catchy headline, however Channel 7 and all the rest of us need to understand that it really is the end of the world.

We are Belize; we are NOT America. With the decision last year by the US Supreme Court to make same-sex marriage the law of the land in the US, it is more urgent than ever that we let the world know that we are Belize – because America is beginning to experience the “Last Days” judgment of God.

The US Supreme Court may be known as “supreme” in America – but NOT in Belize. The Constitution of Belize begins with this statement: “WHEREAS the people of Belize- (a) affirm that the Nation of Belize shall be founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God, faith in human rights and fundamental freedoms, the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions, the dignity of the human person and the equal and inalienable rights with which all members of the human family are endowed by their Creator;”

We acknowledge that God is supreme and that He is our Creator, but we also need to understand that He did not create this world to last forever. We could say that He made it with an expiration date. Jesus said, “Heaven and Earth shall pass away,” not last forever – and He told His disciples some of the signs to look for – the signs of the last days and of His Second Coming.

The signs that we are in the last days are everywhere, and one of these signs is the open flaunting of perversion, such as Belize witnessed this past Monday. That may be celebrated now in the US – on the streets, in the courts, in the White House – but we are not America – WE ARE BELIZE.

What happens when a nation – like America – so dedicated to Truth – and to a Creator God – rejects its founding principles and rejects a Creator God? Warnings! Calls to Repentance! More Warnings! More Calls to Repentance! And then – finally – Judgment!!

In fact, there is a key principle of accountability that guides God’s judgment, which was expressed by Jesus, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” (Luke 12:48b) America has received blessing after blessing after blessing – and yet, has rejected our Creator God.

Much has been given – much will be required. It has now received warning after warning – after warning – and calls to repentance time after time. What we are seeing now in America is a gradual slide down the slippery slope to the certain judgment of our Creator God. We are not America. We are Belize. We must continue to stand tall and reject the perversions that will doom America. We still acknowledge that God is Supreme, and that He is our Creator. We Are Belize.

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their sin and perversion: “But the men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the LORD.” (Gen 13:13.) “Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;” Gen 19:24

One thing is certain. Judgment is coming to America. God will hold America accountable for her sins. The unsinkable, unstoppable arrogant “Titanic” America is on a collision course with the giant “icebergs “of the judgment of Almighty God. The “ship” will go down. Only those in the “lifeboats” will be saved from certain destruction.

We acknowledge that God is Supreme, and that He is our Creator. We Are Belize. We must be a “lifeboat” that is spared from destruction – by continuing to “stand tall” in support of our constitution and our laws – laws such as section 5 of our Immigration Act.

Why were these homosexuals allowed to openly defy the Laws of Belize? Are we so desperate for “foreign exchange” that we will “exchange” our laws – which are based on God’s Supreme laws – for a “foreign” “invader” that is headed straight for the Judgment of Almighty God?

What did our national forefathers do? “Our fathers, the Baymen, valiant and bold drove back the invader; this heritage hold.” We must do the same – “by the might of Truth, and the Grace of God!!”

We acknowledge that God is Supreme, and that He is our Creator.

We Are Belize.

This “offensive” attack against the moral fiber of our “Jewel” is certainly not the first. There was The US Peace Corps HFLE Curriculum – the UNIBAM offensive against Section 53 of our Criminal Code – the 2013 Gender Policy – the pro-homosexual worldwide US Obama offensive – the “offensive” pro-homosexual US Ambassador to Belize offensive – just to name a few.

This latest “offensive” will likely not be the last.

Pastor Jim Duncan
Destiny 105.1FM

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