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Your choice: Gaydom or Christendom?

A decade or so ago, Bishop Dorick Wright, with apostolic zeal and foresight, created a Commission, an ecumenical one, but with the input of only Evangelicals.

Not everyone on the Catholic side fully recognized the true intentions and the goals of the UNIBAM agenda. UNIBAM’s goal was not only to decriminalize homosexual behaviour, but to use court judgements to achieve the same level of acceptance that is given to heterosexual expression.

Of course, no one who knows Catholic moral teaching ignores that some moral sexual behaviour is immoral; like any thought, word, or deed, encouraging sexual expression outside of the marriage context is a grave evil.

It is difficult, maybe impossible, to dialogue or discuss with UNIBAM about the morality or immorality of their proposed sexual agenda. They do not seem to realise that there are layers upon layers of moral convictions derived from millennia of teaching and experience passed on from age to age by the most holy and wholesome spiritual giants that have ever lived.

Included are St. Paul and all the other Apostles. And how can we dare not mention Jesus Christ himself, who said that if you look at a woman with lust in your heart, you have already sinned, or words to that effect. How can the liberal agenda presume to imply that we do not understand human sexuality!

We do know that if you do not believe or know that there are absolute truths, it is very easy to dismiss Christian sexual morality as nonsense, or irrelevant.

Obviously, if you do not believe in Almighty God, who is the author and source of all righteousness, then the use of an organ of your body which inhabits the space between your legs exists only for your pleasure and use, or any other purpose.

It seems that the subjects of Gaydom do not realise that the vast majority of us do NOT, like them, presume that courts of law manned by mortal men like themselves are true ultimate and final arbiters of right and wrong, good or bad.

Perhaps our UNIBAM brothers and sisters have forgotten this supreme law of the land of Belize… to wit: “(a) affirm that the nation of Belize shall be founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God, faith in human rights and fundamental freedoms…”

In the middle of this article, it is necessary to pause to give proper emphasis to what follows: “the position of the family in a society of free men…”

No court in this land, or any other, can take away these sacred powers to raise a family. Only the whole people of Belize, voting in a REFERENDUM, can nullify or make arrangements so to do. Absolutely NO COURT can take away our people’s just power given by Almighty God.

Talking about rights, it seems that UNIBAM and its supporters ignore the true source and author of human rights — all rights. The Belize Constitution’s preamble tells us unmistakeably, clearly, perfectly and concisely, that all members of the human family are endowed with inalienable rights by their Creator. No court or government can give or take from me or you what God alone can and has given.

Go to any court you wish, Mr. UNIBAM; only the people of Belize voting to change or abolish our Constitution can give you gay marriage.

So decriminalization was merely your first move to achieve for yourselves gay marriage. It is ungodly arrogance to think that you can dismiss millennia of thought and sincere reasoning to promote family (man, woman and children) as the cornerstone of civilization.

In his everlasting wisdom, Almighty God gave us rights, but He also gave us commandments, ten of them, the Decalogue, which guides us and helps us to balance rights with duties and responsibilities. For instance, we have a right to own property, but are enjoined not to be greedy, or envious, or acquisitive: “Thou shalt not steal.”

The liberal agenda, of which UNIBAM seems to be a part, has been waging war for the past fifty years to destroy true human rights and the Decalogue.

Human sexuality is perhaps the greatest natural gift. Debased, abused, misused and corrupted, however, we treat it like pagans, worshipping its expression rather than containing it for the continuation of our species until the end of time.

Researching sexual expression in the Bible, one will find that Leviticus instructed us to avoid some of the most pernicious acts of immorality, like having sex with your mother, or sister, or aunt, and the abominations of a woman having sex with an animal, or a man with a man. This exercise was interrupted by the remembrance of an event of the same day, January 4.

Earlier on Saturday, I attended the funeral of an elderly lady who had died two days ago. She was Sr. Mary Christine Escalante. She was 91, having lived 73 years of her long life as a consecrated virgin.

Having committed herself to spiritual motherhood, she had for a whole lifespan contained and dedicated her natural instinct to be a mother by serving the educational needs of thousands, to whom she attended with loving care.

Sr. Christine’s life is my answer to Mr. & Mrs. UNIBAM, for they seem to be telling us that a barren sexual expression – homosexuality – is what our Belizean society should seek as a GOOD.


I think we should embrace the selfless expression of a Christian virgin rather than the selfish immorality of GAYDOM.

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