Letters — 20 January 2018
1984 memo to CIA Director Casey

Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C.

15 March 1984

Mr. William J. Casey
Director of Central Intelligence
Washington, D. C. 20305

Dear Mr. Casey,

1. There is increasing evidence that insurgents of the Rebel Armed Forces (FAR) support their operations in Guatemala (GT) by operating logistic cells in the central and northern districts of Belize. The network of cells funnels money, food, medicine and arms to the guerrillas in GT, with some supplies going direct and others following a more circuitous route through Mexico. High Belize Government officials are said to be aware of the FAR network, and a few have been implicated in aiding or abetting the guerrilla support operations or, at a minimum, acquiescing to it. Knowledge of FAR’s cross-border activities might prompt Guatemala to take a harder negotiating attitude vis-à-vis Belize or, in the extreme, to mount armed incursions against its neighbor. Although the Government of Belize is not threatened at this time, the potential for trouble is considerable. Belize’s failure thus far to shut down the FAR network could be a result of official complicity or the government’s poor economic situation. It may also reflect the fact that the government does not want to do anything to anger its potential supporters in the approaching election. Whatever the implications, the long-suspected existence of a FAR network in Belize appears to be a fact.

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