Crime — 25 October 2013

Two men are alive after they were fired upon and hit while riding two separate bicycles on Central American Boulevard towards the Deep Water Port at about 11:35 Sunday night in front of Kings Store.

Elroy Perdomo, 18, of Kraal Road, was shot in his buttocks and his ankle, while Steven Lambey, 26, of Reggae Street, was shot in the right side of the abdomen and the left calf. They were both taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where they were treated for the injuries, and Perdomo was later released after being placed on observation.

The other man, Steven Lambey, has been admitted to ward, where he is recovering, in a serious but stable condition.

Lambey and Perdomo told police that they were riding on Central American Boulevard, when, on their arrival in front of Kings Store, they heard multiple gunshots being fired. Perdomo reported that he felt a burning sensation on his left ankle and the left side of his buttocks, and Lambey said that he felt a burning sensation in the right side of his abdomen and right calf, and realized that they had been shot.

People of the area, alarmed by the gunfire, called police, who responded quickly, and the two men were rushed to the KHMH.

Police have detained a man who they believe can help them in their investigation.

Police said that they found three expended .22 shells and two 9 mm expended shells in the area.

The shells were taken into custody to hand over to the Forensic Department for investigation using the Mighty IBIS (Integrated Ballistics Investigation System) for possible identification of the firearms from which the shots were fired.

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