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3 men, 1 woman shot – 2 men dead

Headline3 men, 1 woman shot – 2 men dead

All shootings were in Belize City

Emerson McDonald, 38, of Arlington Drive, and Derrick Parham, 27, of Curassow Street, who were shot yesterday, Sunday, in different locations, have died of their injuries.

Also, Joselene Maximo, 23, of Pelican Street, and Patrick Bevans, of Jane Usher Boulevard, are recovering from gunshot wounds at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).

McDonald was shot in the center of the back, while Parham was shot in the upper right side of the back; Maximo was shot in her foot and ankle, and Bevans was also shot in his foot and ankle.

Maximo and McDonald were shot first. Police reports are that at about 5:30 yesterday evening, Sunday, McDonald was walking on Central American Boulevard from Pen Road towards Fabers Road when a gunman with dark pants and a black mask over his face rode up behind him on a bicycle and shot him in the back. McDonald had just left his home on Arlington Drive.

Joselene Maximo, who was walking in front of McDonald, was shot twice in the right ankle. The gunman then rode away.

Both victims were taken to the KHMH, where McDonald died shortly after, while Maximo is undergoing treatment for the injuries she suffered.

Police have detained two men, but the reason for the shooting is yet unknown.

McDonald’s wife was devastated and grief-stricken, and could not comment on the death of her husband.

The second man to be shot was Derrick Parham. He was shot about 4 hours later, at 9:30 p.m., on Curassow Street, where it intersects with Pelican Street. He was walking home with his aunt when a four-door red car drove up behind him and a gunman emerged from the vehicle and shot Parham twice in the back.

The vehicle then drove down Curassow Street into Lakeview Street and disappeared.

Parham was rushed immediately to the KHMH, but died shortly after while doctors were trying to help him.

Andrea Rosales, Parham’s mother, told Amandala that he was attending a party at the canal side at one of his aunts’ house, and he, another aunt and others were walking home from the party. He and his aunt were walking behind his relatives and friends when a car drove up behind him and a gunman shot him.

Shortly after, a neighbor came to Rosales’ house and told her that Derrick had been shot. Then police came and confirmed the news. She said that he was not “beefing” with anyone, but that he had enemies, because he was a person who would stand up for himself and for others. He would not allow anyone to be taken advantage of when he was around, but he was not a troublemaker, said the grieving mother.

The mother said that she and the family are devastated, unable to understand why he was killed in such a manner.

Derrick Lionel Parham is survived by his 5-month-old son; 4 sisters; 4 brothers; his parents, and many relatives and friends. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made.

Patrick Bevans was shot in the right ankle and left leg during an altercation with police at about 10:00 last night in the Jane Usher Boulevard area.

Police say Bevans ran away from them and even jumped over a zinc fence when he spotted them in the area doing a house search. He was chased and caught, but during his arrest, he allegedly tried to grab the rifle of a BDF soldier, who was supporting the police. Another soldier tried to assist, but Bevans reportedly refused to let go of the rifle Police in a press release today said, “as a result the soldier took his issued M-4 Carbine and fired a single shot at Patrick Bevans which caused his injuries.” He was then taken to the KHMH, where, in police custody, he is being treated for the injuries.

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