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3 recaptured prisoners sentenced

Two of the prisoners told the court that they “saw a snake” in the cell, so they sawed through 3 iron bars to escape from the snake.

COROZAL TOWN, Corozal District, Wed. July 25, 2018– Three men who escaped from a Corozal Police Station detention cell on the night of Wednesday, April 17, and were all recaptured and charged with escape from lawful custody and damage to property, were sentenced today in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court by Magistrate Patty Arana.

The men, Marvin Pec, 28, a laborer of Consejo Shores; Johnny Matus, 19, a laborer of San Narciso; and Austin Sutherland, 29, of South Corozal Town, had pleaded guilty to the charge of escape, and not guilty to the charge of damage to property.

Magistrate Arana accepted the guilty plea of Marvin Pec and fined him $400 plus $5 cost of court, which he must pay by August 31 or he will be jailed for 3 months. Pec was given a fine because he has no previous conviction.

Sutherland and Matus were both sentenced to 3 months in prison. They told the court that they saw a snake in the cell and they got out of the cell to escape from the snake, while Pec told the court that he was intoxicated, and he got out when he saw the cell was open.

 Inspector Wilfred Ferufino, Deputy Commander of Crimes Investigation, said that at the time of the escape, Matus was serving a sentence for burglary, and was in the detention cell because he was to go to court for another case, while Sutherland was in detention, waiting to go to court to answer to a charge of aggravated burglary.

Pec was in the detention cell while he awaited his day in court to answer to a charge of handling stolen goods.

Police said that the men escaped from the holding cell by sawing through three iron bars. They then exited the cell, scaled the fence securing the compound, and made their not-so-successful bid for freedom.

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